Unconscious status (Suggestion)


Player has stun (or torpor) indicator below energy indicator

If it’s reach 0% , player will lost his consciousness
Stun bar will decrease if:

  • Player was hit by blunt weapon (Bat,golf club,paddle,shovel etc.)
  • Player has 0% food 0% water
  • Player has 0% oxygen

And increased if:

  • Player eaten/injected Adrinaline syringe,energy bar or something like this.
  • Player has more than 50% food 50% water

When player unconscious:

  • You can manage his inventory
  • (Obviously) Kill him
  • Grab him and carry on shoulders

To wake up player:

  • You can inject him adrenaline (If player has 0% food 0% water this will wake him up for short time (15 sec))
  • Punch him

If player was stunned by blunt weapon he will wake up after 40 sec. You can upgrade strenght to decrease this time.
If player starving he will “fall asleep” after 10 sec of full 0% starving.


I like the idea, but the lengths of time being “unconcious” is wayyyy to long. Maybe like 10 seconds at most.

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I approve \[T]/

jesus, you don’t have to go THAT far /s

Ooh, this is pretty creative! I agree with whistle blower, the knockout times are a bit too long. But this is nonetheless really cool.

I think that the stun bar should only appear on screen when it’s not at 100%.

Otherwise imagine how annoying it would be to have to look at that most of the time, much like the oxygen bar.

uhhh…@Misterl212 was the one who mentioned the KO times, not me.
i just made a joke lmao

beware of the hugging zombie

After playing Arma 3 modded with a system that allows you to actually be knocked out if shot, I really believe this could be interesting.

Taking a shot to the head from a weapon (wearing a helmet) would really “ring your bell” decreasing the torpor of the victim. (I really like that word and am prolly gonna start using it “torpor”)

Anyway, I find this system interesting because I’ve had a couple of times where people would think I was dead and didn’t expect me to roll over and continue fighting.

As for Unturned, while your enemies are distracted with the gear of your allies or setting up a perimeter this gives you time to stand back up and fight or flee. Double tap - Don’t get stingy with your bullets, it could just save your life.

True, but DayZ, being based off of Arma, a military simulator, is geared towards more realism. While being knocked out will take a while irl, it would be a unfair game mechanic which would be infuriating to the majority of players. What I could see is if this is implemented, it could be modified a la configs for unturned servers so for the low difficulties it would be short/nonexistant and higher would be long.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather not spend half an hour waiting for absolutely nothing that I also can’t control.

Again, this is Unturned, balance and gameplay has always been put above realism.

I think it could be interesting, as long as the knock out times aren’t extensive, and people can configure their servers to not have Knock Outs. I think the removal of the loot 'splosion in 4.x would really make it harder to tell who is dead, and who is just downed.

Only thing that’d make me support this idea is if you couldn’t be dragged or handcuffed/blindfolded while DBNO (Down But Not Out. Yes I stole that from Rainbow Six.). I’ve done loads of DarkRP play back in the day and I can assure you that the last thing anybody wants is to get knocked out only to wake up a minute later in a locked metal room owned by a twelve year old. While Blindfolding/Handcuffing should logically work while DBNO, it’d really suck to wake up and not be able to see anything or use items. Just another thing that is meant to balance realism with gameplay, since I know hundreds of people have asked for a system like this, but let me tell you when you’re on the receiving end, you’ll immediately regret your idea.

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A full minute is more than most people have been suggesting, and there have been a couple of different ways to avoid it suggested.

This is actually really fckin strange, i made a post exactly like this for 3.0 like 1-2 years ago and its exactly the same idea, concept that i made way back then. is this pure coincidence?? anyway i love this idea and i 100% agree that this should be a system.

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I am 100% with this idea as long as the knockout times aren’t over a minute as suggested. This would be really interesting if u are playing with friends as they can plan a rescue mission.

@MadGod I love this idea! In addition, I think it would be cool if you could cuff players to something (while they are unconscious) so they could not escape the shrekoning :clown_face:.

Please no that’d kill any entertainment this game would ever have due to the sheer amount of twelve year olds trying to do exactly that.


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