Based on the unconscious topic

i think it would be cool when your unconscious ir knocked out from a wound/taser/concussion esc if other players could cary you places like a kidnappin. Or your teammate could carry you to safety in the middle of a battle


This has already been mentioned before, check older posts xd

This topic already has notable coverage - rather than making a new topic next time, search for existing posts covering what you want to say and instead leave a comment on your own ideas and thoughts.


This thing should be added!..I made a Topic for this too. WE NEED NESLONS ATTENTION!

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:man_facepalming:there are millions of posts already and nelson is already kind of planning this.

but why does one repost?


@SDGNelson reveal the unconscious status and they will chill. Pleeease

This thing needs attention alot @SDGNelson

Wait he is planning this?? is there a proof?

Nope. Not on the Trello afaik and has never been brought up as a topic officially.

Aewwwhhh :weary:

TBH I don’t blame him. It’s a shitty pvp-centric suggestion that’ll only enable power hungry 12 year olds to lock you up in a cell in their base and keep you locked in there if you want to keep your items.

It’ll take a whole lot of fun out of the game if you get knocked out. As a former DarkRP player and friends with lots of DarkRP server staff, I know that it sounds like a cool idea but when you’re on the receiving end of it you’ll immediately regret suggesting it in the first place.


Nahhh i really want to get locked up i just need some explosive candies

I got a big Plan when that thing comes but no one would expect when somone puts me in their base

(this was supose to rhyme or rime idk whats the spelling and a bit creepy though youll see it on youtube when that feature comes out)

@Burger_Time @Tope

Please refrain from the ping spam. Pinging Nelson for trivial things is subject to punitive action.

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What? Whats a ping spam

Pinging nelson a lot. As in doing the @ then nelson. Thats called ping spam because your basically calling him to your one individual comment/ post, when hes likely to see it anyways.

Am i ping spamming?

You should never have a reason to @ Nelson, ever.

If it’s that important, he will see it.

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Oohhhh ok ill stop doing @ Nelson

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