Putting the "survival" in Unturned

ITT i will be making unturned HARDER by making certain aspects of the game more advanced or as they would IRL

  • Modular damage (Players)
    Before we get started here are the status effects to be concerned about.
    1- Pain
    Eventually if you take too much pain in a short amount of time you will go unconscious for about 30 seconds because nobody wants to wait forever.
    Depending on your Toughness skill If it still exists in 4.0 your character will react differently where one which is not good at taking pain will have his general skill at doing anything physically will decrease so they have less accuracy or not run or walk as fast.
    2- Infection/Disease
    You can either catch these naturally or by having a wound open for long enough of a time to catch one, any attack which causes bleeding can help the player receive an infection, this of course can obviously be prevented by using medical alcohol and antibiotics.
    There are different types of naturally obtained Infections/Diseases which in some environments are easier to catch than others where if you don’t wear your shoes in a city you could get Toenail fungus for example or you could commonly get the common cold.
    3- Internal bleeding
    If you get this when you’re a freshie it’s safe to say you’re dead as there’s no way to detect it besides the side effects or unless you have a good medical setup inside your base but for the sake of balance lets say it doesn’t matter.
    When you get internal bleeding you need a knife and bandages to patch it up but then it inflicts the same effect as bleeding
    This can be cured by under some cases you need to cut a hole in your body or clog the leak.
    Cutting a hole in your head increases your head damage modifier until you die but the debuff only happens once
    4- Bleeding V2
    Having a wound open makes you prone to infection or disease so you need to treat it using something to clean it, or after it has been open for a while you may need antibiotics.
    For small wounds like small cuts you only need medical alcohol
    Slapping on a bandage works too! Unless the zombies bit you, then you must take the antibiotics
    The bandages you use will vary the chance of infection which can be negated with medical alcohol
    5- Broken bone
    Having a broken bone anywhere will destroy your ability to use that joint depending on where the bone is, if it hits some bone on your rib cage it will do less than on your hand.
    When you get shot you would usually just stick a bandage and shrug it off, easy right?
    Now when you get shot you don’t only have to deal with your blood spilling out but a chunk of metal stuck in your Organs or Flesh which obviously the only good a bandage would do is stop the bleeding, but that piece of metal inside your body will eventually cause you to succumb to infection, which is why you will have to pull the bullet out using either your hand or tweezers and if you decide to use your hand in which case it is very painful for your player and extensive treatment will be required depending on how damaged your Organ is.
    Blunt weapons tend to cause a lot of pain or cause a nasty wound depending on how high the enemy player’s overkill skill is Or if you get hit by a mega zombie, Blunt weapons are more effective on the Torso and Head than bladed weapons and tend to do more damage to organs from simple hits on the enemy.
    Freshsledge returns
    Swords are now a thing to fear instead of a slightly better military knife as they can cause large wounds with a higher chance of Infection/Disease which require 2 Bandages/Rags but 1 Dressing.
    IF a player manages to get a jab attack with a sword right at the bottom of your chest it will damage whatever organ it hits entirely which results in unconditional death.
    If you’re within an area with enough pressure to blow off a limb you instantly die but if you’re far away enough as to only get scarred by the blast then you will walk away with serious bleeding on every limb- it depends on how modular Nolsen wants to make this.
    Also, your bones help protect from all damage.

  • Structural stability (Player built & ““Natural””)
    When you build a structure freeform or not you can only go a certain distance from the nearest pillar before the building would slowly crumble or Lose health which would be applied to roofs which go 1 roof away from the nearest pillar unless it’s attached to another roof on the other side, metal structures crumble faster than wood.
    And super tall sky towers will now require a larger base to be able to sustain themselves as high as they go, they will also require a thicker structure when building.
    Sky bases are no longer possible. Nelson can change this by either adding some giant propellers or helium tanks
    If you explode a structure like an apartment building just right you could get the whole thing to tip over if there isn’t enough support on one side which the amount required to destroy would be determined by our favourite Nolsen.
    Of course, this would be hard to do as the apartment buildings would be the equivalent of brick walls when it comes to health.

  • Poison & Food rotting
    Eventually your food goes bad and if you’re dumb enough to eat it when it’s bad you get a chance of getting an appropriate Infection/Disease, things like Mould can be scraped off easily with a knife and it would negate the negative effects at the cost of reducing the food’s effectiveness but when it rots there’s really nothing you can do i believe.
    Things like fruit flies now exist and if you don’t exterminate them from your house every exposed food on plates on your tables and inside your CRUDELY MADE crates will go bad faster; they appear all the time when outside and will appear inside your house if you keep the door open.
    SOME berries and now poisonous and can be used to poison food or kill yourself for whatever reason, their poison temporarily increases the chance of getting a disease or it will just kill you.

  • Modular damage (Vehicles) *Or how i learned what destroy means
    How do the weapons effect the vehicle differently?
    Depending on the calibre of the firearm you will find it harder to penetrate vehicles on 9mm rounds while a .50 BMG will be more than able to fracture somebody’s hip through the door or explode the engine.
    If you land it on the vehicle it’s safe to say it just destroys everything within its pressure range
    If you manage to hit a component with this depending on your Overkill you will likely destroy most of the component depending on your blunt object
    It’s safe to say anybody who uses a bladed weapon on a vehicle just isn’t doing it right- it does nothing to all components except the Fuel tank
    On to the actual vehicle.
    Your vehicle’s material and structure will determine how well its passengers and components will stick together inside your vehicle.
    Destroying somebody’s Engine Depending on where it hits on the engine will slow the vehicle down or cause a FIRE, IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT!
    Destroying somebody’s Fuel tank if it’s an explosive more likely or just a normal shell it will cause a fire if RnG says yes but otherwise it just causes the fuel tank to leak.
    Destroying somebody’s Transmission will cause them to stop.
    Destroying somebody’s Rear rotor will cause the helicopter to be unable to turn through regular means when damaged too much.
    Destroying somebody’s Main rotor will cause the helicopter to lose power.
    Destroying somebody’s Console will cause them to lose control of the vehicle if hit just right.
    Destroying somebody’s Propeller will cause them to lose power of the Propeller.
    Destroying somebody’s Flap will wound their ability to preform more precise maneuvers.
    Destroying somebody’s Elevator/Rudder will destroy their ability to move in the desired direction.
    Destroying somebody’s Wing dooms the aircraft unless it’s already landed.
    Destroying somebody’s Tail section dooms the aircraft unless it’s already landed.

  • Farming
    Crops can die over time if they aren’t harvested or watered in time.
    Crops which do not grow in the region will not grow in the region unless under the aid of a greenhouse or similar environment to a greenhouse.
    Certain crops can be turned into juice.:tropical_drink:
    Crops don’t take 1.5 days to grow.
    Fertilizer is spread appropriately.
    Seeds can be randomly tossed onto pots or terrain when you have a lot.
    A hoe can be used to turn the ground into a farming plot which aids the growth of plot if you’re patient enough to complete the plot. The plots are easily destroyed by driving a vehicle over them or hitting them with fire which it would count as destroyed until the owner uses the hoe on it again
    Herbs, natural vitamins, and resources like cotton can be farmed.
    Crops die in certain seasons if under bad conditions

  • Rain
    When in the rain you can get sick or cold if you’re wet enough.
    Rain no longer accelerates farming growth.
    Rain can erode wooden roofs which there would be a tile for roofs to prevent this.

  • Seasons
    On maps which allow for certain seasons you may find that your crops die ““randomly”” because of the weather which this can obviously be prevented by a greenhouse like environment.
    On different seasons you will be encountered by difficulties like being too cold or too hot which may cause sickness or deplete your general health.
    Certain seasons may allow tactical advantage depending on how equipped you are.

  • Trees
    These will no longer just stay where they are and regrow in a matter of 2 minutes but they will no longer regrow and the resource must be collected by the fallen log which can kill you if it falls on you at the right speed at the right time.
    If you hit the fallen log then the chopped pieces if they’re small enough can be picked up and taken for base building materials.
    Trees will drop seeds in certain seasons or they will drop seeds when they have fallen.
    Trees die over time and regrow from the seeds which are carried away after their death by whatever the seed uses for movement if it can.

  • Fishing
    Fishing is no longer throw the pokeball in the water and hope you catch a fish but now you actually require bait and there’s a fishing store you can loot with absolutely every component of a fishing rod required to fish.

  • Crafting
    It’s no longer just you need a skill and perhaps a blowtorch but now you require a bench and the correct equipment.

Hope this makes Unturned excruciatingly harder, could add on more but thought Nelson already has the rest in the bag.




First half (Medical) seems unneeded IMO.


  • Reads *
    I must say, this is really well structured, and all the ideas are actually pretty good.

This sentence at the top.


I absolutely agree with everything you said, sure it would take a lot of work to make it happen but i always wished Unturned was less casual and more survival and skill based.

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