Loss of consciousness

Imagine if there would a skill/weapon/item that would make players fall asleep (I can’t spell that right) and other player/kidnapper would be able to drag them to their base and do something with him (Trap him, steal his loot etc.) what do you think about that?


I didn’t realized there is already a thread about that, sorry

Pickpocketting (or basically managing someone else’s inventory) is something Nelson has talked about


I disagree with the dragging suggestion. Other than that, it’s an idea brought up a lot.

Why not have something like “Sleeping Pills” and you can drug people if they drink it?

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That would just encourage trolling

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But it’s funny!

I think, a way to stun other player or zombies to kill or drag them, maybe with a blowpipe, is a good idea. But the weapon mustn’t be strong (if the ammunition is craftable of berries) or very rare.

It couldn’t not be strong. If a person is stunned there is nothing they could do to protect themself.

Not completly stunned. Only slower.

Yeah…until you’re on the receiving end.


I can’t stress this enough. From 4 years of DarkRP experience, everyone wants to be the kidnapper until you’re crying your eyes out that big bad ol’ Torrasque locked you up and you can’t get out. The only difference is that if you suicide in DarkRP I can call an admin on you for FailRP. It’s not a fun system when you’re on the receiving end of the suggestion you wanted that others would come to hate, and I can say this after hundreds of hours of pure DarkRP experience.

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Unconscious status (Suggestion)

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