An Idea for more map interaction with enemy NPCs

So, a couple of days ago i had this talk with another guy and came up with something that might be pretty sweet and make the maps more interactive. Now i know that some people here prefer a raw experience with barely any NPCs, easter eggs and so on, while others want more interaction in the map, introducing a little bit of roleplay to vanilla. I find myself to be in-between. Anyways, onto the point:

The idea was to have something similar to today’s NPCs, The Coalition. You can complete quests for experience, reputation (kinda useless at the moment, might also think about something for that, if Nelson is still looking for ideas, still) in The Coalition’s case. What about having something like The Coalition, but a bit different ? Let’s call it The Syndicate, for now.

Say, you go there and it’s basically bandits, offering missions that go with negative rep and pay you with ammunition, weapons or supplies. (Something better, having a tiered progression, meaning lower rep, more high-quality awards)

One thing that might be new to this, is being able to “raid” Syndicate camps or Coalition areas for extra benefits from both sides, depending which one you decided to raid.
I think that the horde beacon’s code can be scrapped for this, when you shoot someone, extra Syndicate spawn in and try to take you down.

About the shooting part, i’m sure Nelson could make it possible, he may not be a software engineer, creating Unreal Engine 9000, but i’m sure he’s far better with a keyboard and C++ than what people give him credit for.

Dropped items from said Syndicate/Coalition memebers can be a thing based on chance and/or class, such as “Rifleman” and what not, sort of like the human counterpart of a mutated zombie, Spitter or else.

That’s just about what i can think of, i’m trying to keep it as close to Unturned’s style as i can, without going full-on high-poly M4A4 with a fuckton of rails and curves, if you get what i mean.

That being said, thanks for reading and please leave comments bellow and like this topic if you think it should get some more attention, possibly getting in Nelson’s sight. For me, it sounds like a nice idea, although a bit off from Unturned’s style, but not that much, if i have to be honest.

(Also, i mean this as an addition to 4.0, not as an idea to work on the current NPCs, that’s why i put it in Unturned 4.x)


Syndicate already exists.
TL;DR, but this may be a good idea.

I know it does, it’s pretty much the only bandit group that has a canon name.
That’s why i used it, to give people an easier way to understand what i mean.

Some sort of event that players can take part in where they have to fight bandit npcs would be neat. It’d also be nice for map makers to have the option to spawn in enemy npcs (and customize them) similarly to zombies.

That way the official maps aren’t full of enemy npcs so that people can just worry about other players and zombies while custom map makers can have a lot of freedom with the enemy npcs.

Bottom line is i don’t think they should be restricted to quests but i don’t think they should be around in the official maps by default.

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