Suggestions for repuatation system

I know, that the reputation system was implemented to prevent players from killing every other player on sight, but being a bandit is a large advantage because bad reputation means nothing. I have decided to write some things, that could balance this situation.


  • bandits will get shot by guards (NPC’s with guns) when approaching a safezone
  • bandits will have their own quest area, which will not be a safezone.
  • better reputation will give you better prices when buying things.

Quest area for bandits:

  • everyone can access them
  • most of the quests will be bandit related
  • better rewards for the risk
  • you will get negative reputation for doing them

detection system for guards:

  • bandit must be exposed for some time to get spotted
  • that time will increase if the bandit is further away
  • there must be a max distance for being spotted
  • that distance will decrease while wearing a ghillie suit

Also there should be an exclusive thing just for bandits to balance that safezone thing.

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it’s a cool idea! and maybe for servers hunting request(all the bandits and paragon will hunt the vilain for rewards etc…°i’ll make the game more dynamic!

That is a good idea, but you can wait hours or days for your target to log in.
The whole thing should add more PVE and make you thing twice before attacking.

Here’s the thing, if bandit NPC’s would be added, it would just make a good 90% of the community start using them and forgetting about the good guys because hey, they’re bad guys, so they are cooler and have cool stuff that we want! I don’t really think bandit NPC’s should really be added, that’s the players job to be a bandit if they choose so.


What I feel makes this a bad suggestion is that even with the current system, you’re bound to get -rep after a while. Doesn’t matter if you’re defending your base, yourself, or actively KoSing players, your reputation state is going to decrease unless you hunt down even worse bandits and gun them down. It essentially forces you to become a target. Same issue with the current rep system is that it can’t tell if you’re being malicious or acting in self-defense, meaning you could become a target for no reason at all or even for doing the right thing in your situation.

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May i suggest you change the title to Suggestions for repuatation system, Because there are many use cases for rep, RocketMod plugins can also interact with rep and use it as money or as a way of becoming cop or robber for example or a minigame servers that uses rep as a way of discounting prices on things like kits and other stuff you can buy and thats just touching the surface

I like the idea, but I don’t think Bandits should get rewards and have NPCs for them. Being a bandit is bad enough and giving them items makes it worse. Being a bandit is easy, as @101gamer101 said. It’s very easy to lose rep. So why give them the benefit and let them have quests that give them more items?
Trying to get a good reputation is no easy task. You have to be shot at first if you don’t wanna lose rep. Or you have to look for bandits and kill them yourself. So people who maintain a good rep will be rewarded with good prices (less cost with more rep)
And as you said, entering the safezone as a bandit will have you shot if spotted.


I don’t thing so because players, that are attacking you or your base usually have bad reputation (unless you are their first target) and there is a self defence system that allows you to kill players that will attack you without losing reputation.
Also I don’t think any bandit will keep a positive reputation.

I did it because this topic has changed to that very quickly.

I wanted to keep that game mechanics for everyone but I also agree that it makes being a bandit way too good.

You don’t have to, missing your shot within 4 meters will also make you an aggressor and you will lose reputation by doing that.

The range for the “being shot at” to trigger isn’t that amazing. Some people are really poor shots, and unlike them some of us won’t miss by twenty meters. I’m not going to wait for them to shoot accurately.

I am in full agreement that it’s far too east to lose rep even when you’re just defending yourself. I often miss by more than the very VERY small 4 meters. I’ve also killed others shooting at me who have missed by more. The range needs to be extended for any of this to be viable.