A more in depth cooking system


Once you have made a campfire, stove or an oven you should be able to make custom foods using different recipes. Custom food will not have a name, but a description of the ingredients used, and health benifits. You will also have to use olives to make oil to make your food not stick to the pan. It will take time to make food, and sometimes you’ll have to stir it occasionally, and cover it up. You will also be able to steam meats and vegetables. You can even be able to make hot beverages like kompot, kvass, and tea. You will also be able craft fridges, or bring fridges from towns into your base to keep foods and beverages cold. To cook with a campfire, you will need a fire spit, and a cast iron cooking grate. A fire spit will require 3 branches, or 3 long metal shafts, and 1 rope. A cast iron will require 5 metal bars.

Here are some new foods, vegetables, fruits, and ingredients.

  1. Sausages: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores.
  2. Onion: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed.
  3. Garlic: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by removing the coating.
  4. Apples: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by taking out the seeds.
  5. Bananas: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores.
    6: Pears: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by planting the seeds.
    7: Mango: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by planting the seed.
  6. Oranges: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores.
  7. Cherries: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by planting the seed.
    10: Strawberry: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by putting the strawberry underground.
    11: Olives: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They will also be able to be farmed, by planting the seed. will also be used to make Olive oil to make for a non stick material for pans, and can be put in food.
    12: Blue berries: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores.
    13: Pepper: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They are found in those shakers.
    14: Salt: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They are found in those shakers.
    15: Garlic powder: can be found in homes, diners, and grocery stores. They are found in those shakers.
    Also sorry for the shit format.


Stand by. I’m going to make one of my famous [Long Posts] on this subject.


You don’t need to, my post on the subject was perfect and nothing else should have been added after it. /s

but seriously a lot has already been written on this subject, and I would recommend reviewing old posts on the forum before trying to create some big comprehensive post.


Why is the communist talking about making food?



No. Just… no
Olive oil can be used to make medicine, or be an ingredient for a full meal. Hell, even use it to make fries and change the name to just “oil” instead of “olive oil” as we watch the US Army raid us in the next few seconds.

This is basically a necessity because instant cooking isn’t something we want to see in a hardcore survival game.

Okay, now it’s just become “Barbie’s Kitchen” at this point. No offense, but this is a bit too much for a survival game that focuses on resource management and outsmarting the enemy because this is gonna ask for so many unnecessary mechanics. In a survival situation, you wouldn’t care about the taste of the food, it’s more about the nutrients you get from the food (Bear Grylls)

The rest are just new recipes the player could make which are good to an extent, but again, it’s too much at this point of development


Basically, a food system Don’t Starve like is good ? Like no specific recipes but meals that you can get in many differents ways.


If you don’t stir stew your food won’t all be cooked, or you’ll have wasted a ton of water waiting for the heat to reach all the food and it won’t be mixed well enough to get the same nutritional benefit from each serving.

Pepper and garlic powder, on the other hand are just for taste.


I know
But the point I was addressing was to not make cooking have it’s own unique mechanics that make it look like a completely different game


I’m not a culturist so I don’t really know that olive oil can be made with a handful of olives. One thing I’m pretty is sure is that apples (and other fruits you’ve mention) aren’t grow from bushes.

Unless you were talking about a different type of crops that can be harvested repeatedly but takes time longer to grow.

Also, I don’t think spices should added. I mean, who cares about tastes when the world is ending outside. Now I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea. But I’m also not not saying that either.


“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”


If taste buds will a feature in 4.0 then I wouldn’t mind this. But I beg to differ.



I left my 2 cents on the topic when I just joined this forum.

Now, in this one, there’s some stuff I just generalized, forgot to mention or overlooked by the fact that Nelson’s who decides what to implement.

Somewhat recently I played an event in Don’t Starve Together that was entirely focused on cooking, called The Gorge, which gave me pretty interesting ideas for this topic and a clearer perspective of how I should have made my first post.

Taking that as example, I guess that having 3 basic cooking stations just like in the event (cookpot, oven and grill), plus the pretty basics, would keep things pretty simplified. Adapting it to Unturned it should be like:

  • When at campfires: you can install a hanging pot, grill bars or simply put your meat on a rotating stick (only cookpot and grilling available).
  • When at fireplaces: same as with campfires, but holding larger cookpots and impaled meats, also being able to build an oven around it with bricks or stone with previously installed bars, so there goes a makeshift oven.
  • Stoves: these would allow cooking the 3 ways effectively, by roasting with a frying pan or boiling and cooking with a cookpot in the top burners, then using the oven for baking.
  • Grills: from existing houses and such, for roasting large amounts of meats and other foods as in a fireplace grill but a bit safer and comfier.

About the rest:

I’d agree with the idea of oil for cooking, but many players would find this annoying, and I’d rather want to see common types of cooking oil instead of just olive oil.

If this is going to be a thing, I’d like it to be just once or twice while the meal cooks after some time has passed. Anyway, just by letting it cook and taking it when ready (burning if not) would be much simpler.

And about all the ingredients you suggested, I think that we shouldn’t speculate anything yet, since cooking is such a complex theme. Also, condiments and spices IMO are useless without a sanity/psychological status system, or at least something that tells there’s a downside on forcing my char to eat something that it doesn’t like.


I’d like to see a customisable cooking surface. Like, an oven top that you can boil water on, and different types of cookware, such as pans for frying, and saucepans and pots for boiling water and things in. (I’d also like to be able to boil water on campfires, as well).
I’d personally implement a kind-of “cooking station” that you can build and customise for whatever you want to do with it, so you can build up a little kitchen with a functional fridge for preserving food, cabinets and counters for storage, and you can place pots, pans, and saucepans on the oven-tops (if you hovered the mouse over a hot plate while holding a pot or a pan, it would give a green outline of the piece of cookware, and if you clicked then it’d place it down). Also, maybe if you clicked on whatever thing you wanted to use, such as a pot, then it’d give an overlay menu with all the things that you could do, or if you clicked the oven then it would give you all the things that need the oven to craft. So, crafting things that require certain crafting elements for them to function (especially with cooking) would be a really nice addition for 4.0.


That’s going a bit too far. Keep in mind that you’re playing Unturned and not one of those cooking games on Miniclip.


An interesting part of this post is the fridge idea. Being able to salvage a fridge from town would be very cool, but in the new inventory system it would be even cooler if fornitures (or generally big objects) would have a dedicated space in your inventory, where you’ll be able to store one of them at the time only.

The character model would also change and a fridge (in this case) would appear on the players back, so you won’t just be able to store N types of fornitures in your bag.

Same thing with tables, sofas, chairs etc, and this will also count when you craft them. Special fornitures like ovens, fridges, washing machines (clean dishes could avoid that small radiation damage that you could get by eating in dirty ones) should not be craftable, but instead they should be obtainable only by looting towns.

I think that it will be a nice addition.


Where did their backpack go?

Why not just have backpack frames be the only clothing with a big enough “pocket” for furniture and have it visible through the “holstering” system displayed in the Devlogs?

Why would you carry a fridge on your back? Are you trying to crush yourself to death? How could you even manage to move that back and forth between your hands and your back?


Well, if you carry the fridge with your hands then you won’t be able to fight. Yea you could drop the fridge, fight, pick up the fridge again and repeat, but I think that it would make things a bit clunky in terms of gameplay.

In my opinion, having such fridge on your back (maybe tight with a rope idk) would be fun to see, and could bring a more challenging mechanic compared to the hold in hands one, cus your stats will be affected by it. The player could lose speed, stamina, mobility, maybe the ability to prone would be removed, and you would also jump lower.

But yea, also seeing a fridge coming out of your backpack could be fun to see, but the stats thing should still be considered.


I don’t think it should be tied to your back. You should be able to drag it with your hands, or a rope you tied around it. If you have a friend or someone who is friendly, they can help you carry the fridge into your trunk if it is big enough. Maybe of your roof if you tie it down.


All of this seems a bit anti-fun tbh. (Edit: “all of this” = the ideas around fridge transportation in general)

(Edit) To clarify: I like the idea of it, but as a game mechanic that’s quite questionable. Kinda confused how, out of all the ideas in the thread, this one is being honed in on.

I’d personally keep the mechanics around it… “game-y” in fashion. Arbitrary weight systems for the inventory. Slower speed when overweight. Force people to place things after they build them, even.

If you wanted to get more realistic, add a dolly that can be used to move things in general (even after placement), without weighing you down.


Yea but as usuall, this disadvantages solo players. How will they be able to do it?
Solo players = no fridge? Are you telling me that hermits players like me won’t be able to drink a
cold beer ever? Why do you hate me? /s

I think that having it tight with a rope on you or even making it peak out of your backpack (in both cases, the stats debuff should be a thing) are the best solutions.