Better skills development, chapter #1: food and cooking

Has anyone ever thought of roles and their skills that aren’t fully (or at least, fairly enough) covered in Unturned?

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot into several of them, and I have A TON to say about it, and I’d like to start out with FOOD and COOKING, making CHEF a way more handy role to use.

Well, I thought that grabbing a couple of ingredients in 3.x and making a pizza or a cake out from nowhere was really lame, so I was thinking about making the art of cooking more realistic and reliable. Why am I making this kind of suggestions? Because everyone seems very busy trying to get sure that stuff like PvP and basic mechanics are on point, nicely realistic, but I see just a few concerns about skills and actions that can be developed besides the core gameplay and the bare struggling for survive that can be greatly polished as well. So I’ll start making my suggestions about a role wich is currently one of the most unused, unpriced an almost totally abandoned.

So getting straight on point, about this topic in particular I wanna suggest:

Proper utensils and fire sources needed to make certain types of foods

Just by needing the frying pans (for use those as more than just a cheap melee) and adding cooking pots and tins to prepare certain kinds of foods, makes good sense and certainly makes it better. Also, you’d need a stove or oven to prepare advanced meals, since you can’t make a cake over a campfire, lol. Also the use of a knife for meals that involves chopping meat, fruit or vegetables would get it further realistic.

Chance of failure if not skilled enough

This could range from burning your meat up, or leaving it half-raw, to making a scrappy attempt of meal that won’t give as good as the same stats if well cooked.

Separate ‘saturation’ from ‘nourishment’

Some foods, processed or not, craft-made or not, has some good nutritional values, but won’t fill you up unless you eat a lot of it or it goes along a heavier meal (granola bars, for example). There’s something similar working on Minecraft (on which your hunger level is apart from an invisible saturation level), and Idk on how many other games is this principle being applied, but it would be a nice touch on what feeding concerns. (I hope I’ve explained myself properly).

Large foods to be divisible and be able to be served/stored in portions

This should apply to any big proportion meal, like an entire cooked (big) animal, a filled (or a half) cooking pot of any prepared meal, or the obvious current choices: pies, pizzas and cakes. Of course, trying to eat all these large meals by yourself should take certain amount of time, implicating high stats for each portion. Since we are looking towards realism, I can guess that 4.x players aren’t meant to be all of them virtual ManVsFood champion eaters, whose can eat an entire cake in 3 seconds, LoL.

Food spoilage to be progressive

Just like as it works in games like Don’t Starve. This could be detained or slowed down by having coolers and freezers to store food. Of course, some canned meals and ingredients like flour won’t spoil.

Proper and realistic ingredients processing

As I’ve stated in a point above, you could need a knife (or any handy bladed tool) to make recipes that involves chopping stuff. In that matter, processing ingredients properly is a good starting point; it made me so sick to see that you could grow wheat up, but you bake a single slice of sandwich bread from the bare grain, also being unable to make pizza or pancake dough with that. Making this even clearer, craft-made bread should be looking like this:


Anyone could make a sandwich out from this

Also there was other absurd stuff, like killing cows and getting milk cartons. In the hand of these features, I think these can be improved nicely, as with making the flour from the wheat grain and then be able to make like 3 or 4 types of dough out from mixing with water, eggs and/or milk, depending on what meal are you making with it.

Be able to exhibit meals

Just as a miscellaneous feature, since some of us would set a large table with a very wide banquet on it, to invite and serve our friends after a large day of scavenging, or celebrating* after winning a harsh battle against an enemy group. For this, there should be added trays and or dishes to be put over the tables which you can eat directly from, just like a plaque or a weapon rack but horizontal, so your food won’t despawn. Trophy cases, plaques and gun racks aren’t good for this mean tho (I’ve tried LOL).

*About Celebrating… Is there any chance of adding alcoholic beverages in the game? :smiley:

Realistic, improvised and very apocalyse-like but also “dainty” recipes!

As someone who lives basically forced to mix up whatever I find to eat and make out a decent dish out from it, I’ll list some recipes that (in my opinion) can be done out from the already existing in-game food items in 3.x and are pure suggestions from my personal cooking experience. Mostly these are common and probably “lazy-thought” meals, and even some of these might seem like prison or war-food, but that’s kinda the point. Of course you guys can contribute.

These recipes are intended to be a more realistic but also assorted variety of dishes It’d be nice to see ingame, since being only able of making all just rapid-food bullshittery like doughnuts, pizzas and pies of all types of berries wasn’t exactly my cup of tea (about values, stats and stuff, let’s leave it on Nelson’s hands in case this is added).

- Improving basics:

image >>> Baked and/or fried potato
(This could be mixed with cheese and meat of the player’s preference, for wide variants)

image >>> Fried and scrambled eggs
(Totally realistic to be able to pick eggs as single items and this would be a starting point for the frying pan to finally have some real use. For scrambled eggs, variants could be added by mixing cheese, ham, bacon, etc)

image >>> Cooking corn, or even, popcorn?
(Funny but good enough suggestion, I think)

image >>> Making your own tomato soup
(I mean why not? Neat IMHO)

image >>> Butter and/or cream
(Baked potatoes aren’t ever the same without butter)

image or any meat >>> Jerky!
(Think about it, jerky lasts a lot of time before it spoils; good enough for surviving)

image + image or image >>> Meatballs!
(Fancy, don’t you guys think? Customer’s choice)

image and image to be mixed with cheese n’ stuff for variants
(Idk you guys, but I always eat my pancakes with cheese and ham whenever I can)

image >>> Be able to make different types of pizzas
(Just an idea to assort things up)

image >>> Be able to do non-chocolate cake and custom toppings
(The way you create a chocolate cake with toppings without chocolate or toppings in 3.x seemed too dumb to me. I’d like to put some realism on that, so I could use berries on cakes on a whim)

Be able to make pie dough + any meat >>> Meat Pie!
(If further fruits are added in-game, we’ll be able to make a huge variety of pies, not just with berries)

- Pastas!:

image + image = Pasta with cheese
(Who doesn’t like and/or knows how to prepare this?)

image + image (or 2x image) + image or image = Pasta Bolognese!
(Maybe for this one you could just add the meatballs tho)

image + image + image = Cheese & ham pasta
(I’d make scrambled eggs separately with the ham before mixing with the pasta and finally adding the cheese)

image + image = Pasta with tuna
(I’d suggest adding mayonaise to this one lol. Also I’ve scrambled some eggs into stir-fry canned tuna too, it fits “noicely”)

image + image + 2x image + image (also works nice with image) + image = Carbonara pasta
(For these people who doesn’t know how to do this, Google the recipe. Thank me later)

image + (half) image + image = Penne Al Salmone

image + image (or 2x image) + image + image = Puttanesca
(Lacking of anchovies in this game, but trout could be a decent replacement. Actually, there are a lot of cooking ingredients that aren’t in-game, if that’s what we’re talking about)

DISCLAIMER: I swear, I am not italian LMAO

- Soups and mixes:

image (maybe 2x) + image + image (or any not-fish meat) + 2x image + 2x image + 3x image + image = Improvised Minestroni
(I’d recommend really high stats for this one, as it’s really nourishing and saturating in real life too. Also, adding canned tomato soup would serve to replace the bottled water and tomatoes)

image (2x if more than 5 ingredients are used) + image and/or any kind of not-fish meat) + 2x image + 3x image = Heavily Mixed Soup
(This one could bring you back to life, IMO)

image + image + 2x image = Soft Soup
(Corn could be another nice addition)

image + image + 2x image + 2x image = Salmon Soup
(Never tried it, but it’d be hella-tasty)

image and 2x image or image + (Cooked Bass) + 2x image + 2x image = Bass Soup
(Didn’t got a decent .jpg for the bass item)

image + image + 2x image + 2x image = Beans Stew

image or image + image + 2x image + 2x image = Beef Stew
(Also venison stew could be made)

2x image + image + image + image = Trout Stew
(Lightest and most basic one, IMO)

- Salads:

image + image + image = Salad
(Simplest in-game salad possible. Please add mayo)

image + 2x image + 2x image = Potato Salad
(Only like from 2 to 4 hard-boiled eggs)

image (or any kind of meat) + image + image + image = (Meat) Beef Salad
(Same case with sandwiches; you can make one with any kind of meat)

2x image + image + image + (Chicken, if added) = Caesar Salad
(A pity that apocalypse won’t bring us olive oil for the sauce)

image + image + image (Or any berry type) = (Berry) Indigo Salad
(Stats would vary depending on the berries used. This is the closest as a fruit salad that could be made with current 3.x ingredients)

If you have made it until here, I really thank you for taking your time to read the whole post :smiley:

I’d really like if you guys leave some comments if you like or have anything to discuss my ideas. Any feedback or invitation to debate this sort of topic is welcome.

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This assumes too much about 4.0.

One of the main proposals for an alternative to the skillsets system for 4.0 is removing skillsets entirely.

That said cooking lacks depth and your suggestion is pretty sensible.

This all could still be applied, since cooking isn’t exactly one of the most assorted things in Unturned.

About skillsets, I’m aware those will be removed. But if skills rebalance is applied, I’m sure some players will cook more and better meals than others, as unlike 3.x, 4.x won’t allow everyone to do absolutely everything. Am I wrong?

A1 for effort, quickly brushed through it and saw just what i expect 4.0 to hold. (though next time include a TL;DR please)

Sorry for that, I usually prefer to explain myself properly, no matter how much I type xDD

This took me like 1 and 1/2 hr to build up entirely, lol

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