Threads of "already suggested" threads

Alright, you bean-bags. (watch the language misty!) no.

I’ve make this thread and created a list of already suggested ideas for 4.0, so none of us can make a fool out of themselves.

If I forgot or haven’t put in your threads that at least “Well-suggested” and “Somewhat recognizable” Then feel free to add it to the list, (So people don’t have to scroll down for miles of comments)

Here's how to determined if that thread should be listed or not
  • That thread should has 3 likes or more.
  • Should’ve 10 comments or more (minus the author)
  • It has to be an actual good suggestion.
  • The older the better.
  • The author of that thread shouldn’t be the one to bring it up. (not mandatory)

Again. Theres rules are not mandatory. But rather a guideline to properly make this thread as tidy as possible.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t clotted the list with “already-added-topic” twice. Keep it tidy… and civil.

Even if you have a few unique ideas for a mega post you’re doing, try not to include ideas that have already been suggested.

Without further ado. Here’s the list of threads and ideas that have already been suggested.

Survival and 4.0's basic features.

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

Side note


  • Various weapons and vehicle suggestions.
Side note

just look up if your idea have been suggested before posting.

Side note

Again, look them up.

Combats Wombats

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

Side note

pretty much covered, as far as I (NuclearPotato) know.

4.0's "Not survival" features.

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

Everything else

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

Side note

Yes, we know that physics can generally be improved.

Side note

Yes, this thread is unironically shaming itself. Shit.

This list will be updated every few days or so. Have patient.
@NeedlessMemeing Thanks, now you beanbags can directly edit it, please noted that I’ve made a backup notepad just in-case someone being a thot-tot.

(P.S. linked this thread to “already suggested” threads would be a big help for all of us, thanks.)




Make it a wiki post so people can edit it.

SDG Forum oblivious starter pack

  • Bandit NPCs
  • some niche weapon/vehicle
  • “more survival”
  • zombie improvements
  • physics improvements

Would be nice if you can be more specific on “more survival” and “some niche weapon/vehicle” part.

It’s a meme.

Despite all the limitless possibilities of vastly new and important game mechanics people can suggest for 4.0, a lot of them suggest something bland like a single vehicle or a gun.

cough wow tazers are on the list now


Oh,you forgot my very important post about trees :cry: … nobody cares the trees these days…

And my other post about the tactical lasers :sob: …Oh poor lasers,they feel forgotten and lonely…They just want some love…

just kidding,but yeah,you forgot them :grin:


-Ideas for tree cutting

-Ideas for Better Lasers

with the Bandit NPC post you linked, that was just saying that there was a card on the Roadmap that reference them.

All the medical and status effect threads, PEI, when release, armor (and protection types), and more somewhere.

Hot take here,but reviving a idea as long as it has a slightly different take on it (ie not blatantly copying it) and its been a decent amount of time since the last posts isnt that bad, as it lets newer people and other people put their own two cents on things, which would bring about better discourse by expanding on concept.

And seeing as necro posting is frowned upon its the lesser evil. Obviously things like “tactical reloads” or asking for “better ai” is borderline shit posting at this point due to how done to death it is but some ideas could be looked at again without watering down the quality of posts too much.

Also could just create some kind of a mega thread for people to discuss things that have been suggested a million times

The comments of this thread have basically become an advertising haven for mediocre posts.

Please, just edit it in if it’s a frequently suggested topic, don’t just use it to boost your ego like Molton would


In general its annoying and common for people to plug their posts that dont always have alot to do with the subject matter. You can find lots and lots of examples of this.

I’ll be adding links and “removing” some of the links soon.

Speaking of shameless plugs

In all seriousness I don’t care if someone wants to continue editing my post (it too is a wiki post), copy-paste content from one post to the other, or learn something from my post, but I figured it could be useful to link to it. also I would get more likes if my post was edited to be more relevant

I will boost my ego all I want!

nlosen we need improvmetns !!!

^ sdg forums right there

fella with absolute gamebreaking opinions:
“vehicle fisics bad”
“p2w servers bad”
“game can be generally improved”
“playerbase is bad”
glad we had these modern day philosophers to bring this breaking goddamn news to us


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