Variables to Improve Car Physics

As we all know, this topic shouldn’t even be a thing with Unturned’s current vehicle physics overtaking Assetto Corsa with ease, but I’ll just write it anyway.

Before starting, I’d like to point out that the quality of each mechanic would vary from car to car not just by rarity but also by its purpose. For example, the 3.0 F1 car might not be more rare than the tank, but that doesn’t mean its handling should be worse.

Braking Distance/Speed

A good car shouldn’t just be able to go fast. If it does, then braking quickly is also a must.
The better the car, the shorter it travels when the brakes are hit, and the quicker the speed descends.

Varied Wheel Traction

Front, Rear and All Wheel Drive.

  • FWD is used in cheaper cars, and despite being better than RWD in slippery surfaces such as snow and wet tarmac, it suffers from understeer and worse traction in the dry ground.

  • RWD is used in mid-range cars, and excels in dry terrain. The downside of it is oversteer that might cause drifting (involuntary or not, hehe).
    With too much power, it might also do wheelies when accelerating from zero.

  • AWD is used in vehicles with either high performance or focus on grip on slippery ground.
    It’s especially balanced, since power is delivered to the four wheels. However, this is a system that adds significant weight to the car. Moreover, its more difficult to avoid a spinout in oversteer situations, so is to avoid added understeer at high speeds.

High Speed Understeer

You’ve probably played any racing game and realised going through corners at the same speed you’d drive in straight lines most likely ended up with you crashed on the outer barrier. This should happen in Unturned as well. A car going 100kph should have a smaller turning angle than one at half the velocity.

Suspension and Body Roll

The addition of suspension should have the most focus, since it’s what would make offroading controllable.

Suspension in different cars should vary by stiffness.

  • Softer suspension is present in the lower-end and in offroad vehicles. The softer the spings, the less bumps are noticed, but when steering, the car is more prone to body roll, which might lift one side of the car, or roll it over in the absolute worst case.

  • Stiffer suspension goes in higher performance cars. The stiffer it is, the less body roll occurs, but the more bumps are noticed, which affect speed depending on their height.


Nothing to say, other than “Yes”

Combine that with this and I think we have perfection.


Very nice, especially adding the gifs.


Please, I want this. Especially all of it.

I guess I agree with your whole post except for the brake-to-drift, just because drifting doesnt work like that haha

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you forgot something!a IN game custom car maker for players to share their creativity to the community without having to learn how to code a mod)

That’ll just add mediocre vehicles honestly, if you are willing to be creative and making nice stuff learning a bit more shouldn’t prevent you from creating stuff.

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Well no, if you want to make a custom vehicle, you have to take the time to make it properly.

Proper modders are what separates good content from bad content.


I know but i know some people that have some super greate mod ideas but they don’t have the skils/the time to make their mods :sob:

You still would have to follow the same steps as unity. You would still have to build it and make animations for it. It’s just a waste of time that would really just make it so little kids make messed up vehicles cause they think it’s funny

Well if they have good ideas, they should learn how to make the mod. Or pay someone to do it for you.

That’s not related to physics!


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