Suggestion: 4.0 Vehicle Overhaul

Author’s Note:

This post was my first ever suggestion post to the SDG Forums (though I had been making /r/unturned suggestion posts for quite some time beforehand). While it was reflective of the time in which it was created, current features in UII contradict some of my points, therefore making many assumptions of this post obsolete. Some of the points still stand though.


Here’s a massive suggestion I’ve been developing straight from my Unturned Concept Limbo, which will be publicly revealed very soon. I will eventually create concept art for this to illustrate it better, but here’s the gist of it. Note: This will be compatible with a few of my other suggestions, such as the Tire Rework and GPS while driving.

A complete overhaul is necessary if we want to take the next step in enhancing the driving mechanics of Unturned.


This is a no-brainer. With the currently wonky vehicles physics we really need an improvement here. Also, aircraft should be more responsive and feature higher thrust power. Towing should work as intended and your vehicles should behave predictably now.


Currently some vehicles are just faster or more maneuverable in pretty much every way. For instance, right now an Offroader is completely inferior to a Sedan. I aim to change this by proposing a change in how some vehicles perform. Vehicles like Offroaders, Rovers, and Tractors should have high horsepower, so I think they should sport an above average acceleration but lower top speed. More conventional vehicles like Hatchbacks, Rabbits, and Autos could have a slower acceleration but higher top speed. This would prove very interesting in countless situations, like player combat, zombie fights, and perhaps even street racing.

Gear Shifting

Instead of the binary acceleration model we have for land vehicles right now, we could have a gear based system to give more immersion to the game. Don’t worry about constantly tedious gear shifting though, I’ll get to that later. There will be two types of transmissions: automatic and manual. Most vehicles will have automatic mode, which automatically switches gears for you. Some vehicles will have manual shifting, such as tanks, tractors, dumptrucks, and other heavy or old vehicles. This requires you to manually change gear using the number keys but allows you to accelerate much more efficiently with practice. The gear shifting mechanic will be accommodated by brand new audio effects, and a new acceleration mechanic that mimics that of racing games. Certain high-performance vehicles, such as Ghosts, Legarenos, Sportscars, and Roadsters, will have the option for both modes, as well as a considerable acceleration increase for using manual shifting. This rewards skill for those that are proficient at manually shifting

Precision Steering

You know how whenever you drive a land vehicle, you can never get your vehicle straight because you always have to tap A and D to adjust to the road? Or when you fly a Fighter Jet, you know how the control should be OP but is actually really hard to cope with? Well, here’s my solution. Using the scroll wheel allows you to precisely fine-tune the steering sensitivity (scroll up = higher, and vice versa), from the maximum the vehicle allows to a very insensitive minimum. This allows for you to more precisely steer land vehicles, and also makes aircraft like the jet actually bearable as you can stabilize yourself with a lower sensitivity.

Visual/Audio Effects

Improved effects for vehicles such as exhaust, unique engine noises, more realistic aircraft sound, kicking up dust, etc.


Tapping the E-brake key while turning should allow you to drift, letting you fly around corners at unparalleled speed. Some sick drifting audio and a lot of dust would make drifting feel that much more better, and you can now embrace your inner eurobeat.

Fuel Consumption

First of all, you should be able to stop the engine of your vehicle at any time to conserve fuel and help with stealth. Also, vehicles should now conserve fuel based off of your vehicle’s RPM. So, if you are leisurely cruising at 30 km/h, you should consume fuel slower than if you were at full speed. Also, aircraft can save fuel by gliding part of the way.

Throttle (for aircraft and watercraft)

Instead of the vehicle automatically slowing down when you release the W key, it should maintain the same level of throttle as when you left it off. The gas should only be gradually let off if you hold the S key. This is more realistic, more convenient, and allows for a greater level of control. Plus you can finally look at your map without fear of crashing. Also, there should be a bar on the UI that shows the amount of throttle you put in, completely separate from the speed bar. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, an example that comes to mind is the throttle system in many flight games, such as War Thunder. Rather than automatically slowing down, you can precisely control the level of throttle with W and S.

Additional Capabilities

Some miscellaneous suggestions for vehicles in the future:

  • Fire Trucks and Fire Tankers should be able to store water, and quite a lot of it

  • Golf Carts should be electric

  • All applicable vehicles should now have usable trunks/storage space

  • Helicopters should have an auto-hover function


The gas should only be gradually let off if you hold the S key. This is more realistic, more convenient, and allows for a greater level of control.

…uh…that’s not how gas pedals work

i agree it might be more convenient but it’s definitely not realistic lol

everything else is good content tho

For aircraft and watercraft as I stated, you simply have to push forward on the throttle stick, and slowing down requires you to manually pull back. So I’m actually pretty positive that it’s realistic.

Throttle stick pictured here

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I feel like having a system that instead of this its a game option so that players can play with the normal automatic mode or if they want it to feel more immersive and have the potential tactical advantage then they can switch to using the manual setting in their options and get that benefit. Other than that I like everything in this post.

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I love the ideas of drifting using the handbrake and gear shifting. Would feel really immersive and would reward skilled drivers with better control over the vehicle.

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