A collection of 4.X ideas


-Make skills improve based on their use

-Try to limit the amount of things that are impossible to do without first training a skill
(Maybe remove skill menu, and replace with skills, that just gradually improve with use.)

-(Maybe a portion of a player’s skill can be backed up in crafted books?)

-Replace crafting skill with tools, blueprints, and/or work stations?
-(Maybe keep crafting skill which improves the quality of crafted items?)


-Replace crafting skill with tools and/or work stations?

-(Some examples of tools might include hammers, saws, welding equipment, knives…)

-(Some examples of work stations might include campfires, stoves, ovens, furnaces, mortar pans, cement mixers, looms, table saws, work benches, lathes, band saws, single stage presses, multi stage presses…)

-(Higher tier work stations might require fuel, or power, but could allow more crafting recipes to be done, eliminate the need for hand tools, increase the quality of crafted items, and/or create larger batches to be crafted items at once.)

-Add copper for crafting electronics and ammunition.

-Add charcoal for burning, and crafting black powder.

-(Maybe add lead for crafting bullets?)

-Add cement for concrete, and brick buildables.

-Readd stone for buildables, and crafting cement.

-(Maybe rebalance so that hardwood buildables generally have greater health, while softwood buildables generally have more storage?)


-Add more complex nutrition than just hunger and thirst.

-Make cooking food decrease it’s nutritional value, but increase its freshness, with the amount corresponding to the player’s cooking skill.

-Make preparing meals divide food items into smaller portions, and/or more balanced portions.


-( Modular Vehicles )
-( Differentiating vehicles )
-( Fuels )
-( Suggestion: 4.0 Vehicle Overhaul )

-TLDR: add vehicle physics, add vehicle modularity, make different types of vehicles controlled differently, add different fuels for different vehicles.

-(Maybe on certain maps where ships or trucks are common diesel wouldn’t be too difficult to find, but on maps where there are flame throwers it would be exceptionally rare?)


-Make firearms rarer

-Add more options between the utility of firearms and melees.

-(Maybe make different maps have more of certain types of in between weapons, for example one map with several types of bows and crossbows, and another with several types of air gun?)

-In addition to tiers of ammunition, have two projectiles available for (most?) every cartridge, a heavier, softer projectile, that might do more damage to unarmored targets, and be quieter, and a lighter, harder projectile, that might have better armor penetration, and ballistics.

Overall I think you did a good job lightly touching on a lot of basic 4.0 concepts.

The formatting was a bit iffy and I didn’t carefully read through the whole thing due to its length, but it looks good to me

Is this more readable?

An crafting table is O.K., but only for special recipes. More complex hunger and thirst? Waht do you want: Unturned or Realife Simulator 2018? In the most other points I agree with you.

Cooking is useless in 3.X, if there were say calories, vitamins, and thirst, rather than just hunger and thirst, it wouldn’t be too complex, but would create a need for a balanced diet.

Not sure about calories but basic " hunger " mechanic and vitamins sound good.

It’s Unturned, not Reallife Simulator. It would destroy the game if you have more than one hunger and one thirst.

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