Differentiating vehicles

In Unturned 3.X every vehicle except for planes, and helicopters has the exact same controls. I’d like to compile a list of things that could be done to differtiate cars, trucks, tanks, and boats. Most cars would have three gears that could be selected between, (not sure what the default keys for changing gears should be,) automatic, park, and reverse, W would go forward or backward, depending on the gear that the car is in, S would be the brakes. Certain cars could be put into other gears for more challenging, but more effective driving. Boats would have W increase throttle, and S decrease, throttle would stay at the same amount until the player changes it. Planes would also have throttle control. Tanks would have separate throttle for their two treads (again not sure what the default keys should be, atleast we have custom key bindings)

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I covered this topic very deeply already. You should probably have a look

A lot of my posts are inspired by long dead threads, which you specifically have reminded me to not comment on.
Technically your post went into slightly less depth and far more breadth. You covered a broader range of topics pertaining to vehicles, but didn’t mention the differences of tanks, boats, and planes.

I think it’s Ok

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