My Zombie suggestions

THIS IS INSPIRED BY Zombies rework for 4.0
Please read his post before mine, I don’t want to steal ideas from other people.

I’d rather have the zombies we have right now, just polished, rather than new types. I know new is exciting but I think having less, but more challenging and well balanced zombies raise the skill ceiling.
Here are my suggestions:

Normal Zombie: just the usual, sun-bathing, weak zombie. These should just be used as filler in cities and hordes would be mainly made of them.
Crawler Zombie: these are normal zombies, but on the ground. They’ll be left behind in hordes and can really mess someone up if they try to horde zombies because of their different movement speed.
Sprinter Zombie: These would actually sprint, unlike the sprinters we have now. They’d stand up and run towards you. These would be rarer than normal zombies in hordes, but can mess you up equally as much as the crawlers. They would attack faster, but have less health.
Spitter Zombie: These would be slow-moving, acid-spitting zombies. They’d stay behind hordes and use normal zombies as meat shields to puke poison on the player. When killed they explode and leave acid next to their corpse.
Burner Zombie: These would be the normal burners we have now, but I don’t think they should turn other zombies into burners. Instead, these guys would run towards you in a horde and try to sorta suicide bomb you.
Mega Zombie: Of course, the 'ol megazombie. Anyone remember how terrifying they were at the beginning of 3.0 when they were introduced in the devtest map? Man it sure does suck that the megazombies are incapable of doing anything now. I think they should be able to pound with their fists on the ground whenever a player is too high for them to hit, and that would make the player fall off whatever object he’s on. It’s a very simple way to do it (I think), and it would buff megazombies a lot, as right now they’re really just a glorified box of loot.

there should be a meme on how many topics of this there are ahh wait!!! @AnimaticFreak make a list of this if you would!!

Nah, most of them are original

yeah there should be, I admit it. In hindsight I kinda regret making this post because it has been suggested so many times and probably in the same way as well.

Also, huge block of text. Never good.

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