Severity Levels Of Weather


Do some warmup for your eyes, this is gonna be a long ass post.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of not just more weather types, but different strengths they could appear with.

To simplify, let’s do three separate levels.

In each tab I’ll present what I think could be the consequences of each weather type in it’s own level.

Take note that effects stack up from one level to the above, and reaching level 3 would require going through both of the previous ones.



  • Level 1: Droplets
    It’s literally just small time rain, I can’t see how it would hurt. Would probably just add some more clouds in the sky, and maybe some movement on trees.

  • Level 2: Rainy
    The sky gets completely grey with clouds, and visibility even on ground level would be reduced by fog. Also puddles finally form.

  • Level 3: Heavy Rain
    Water levels can rise. Flying is as good of an idea as dropping the soap in the prison shower. Hearing is heavily conditioned by the sound of the rain dropping. By the way, you get EXTRA BIGG puddles.



  • Level 1: Windy Boye
    Has effect on bullet trajectory, but not by much. Causes trees to rise the movement noise a tad.

  • Level 2: Woosh
    The wind current is now audible. In maps with Deciduous trees, leaves would be seen flying, ideally. Your bullets now have the trajectory of a teenager on vodka.

    A tornado would fly around for a short period of time, maybe 5 minutes or so. Would not damage player-made barricades nor buildings, but could take down destroyable props and trees. Good luck with those bullets now. Wind noise is mother Nature’s version of ear rape.
    (Elaborations on this subject in the comments would be appreciated!)



  • Level 1: "It’s snowing mom!"
    Not exactly snow, but some snow crystals would fall, and I don’t see how that’s a problem.

  • Level 2: Basically Western Canada
    You get the amount of snow you’d see in a christmas special of any TV series. Vision is conditioned, and the player gets temperature damage.

  • Level 3: Blizzard
    Prepare to get some big oofs when going outside. Snow particles get visibly thicker, and the water freezes. You can’t see shit in front of you, so just use your imagination.

Now that you’ve read skipped all three tabs, I’d like to take note that windy weather could appear mixed with either rain or snow, independently of level, so you could have L1 wind with L3 snow, for example.
And yes, effects would stack.

And for the one or two who weren’t scared of the kilometre of text this thing was, thank you lots!


EDIT #1: Of course the chance of each weather type and max level they can reach are editable variables, it’s kind of a bad idea to have snow in the Zimbabwe/Madagascar border.

EDIT #2: Pay attention to the detail - “[A tornado] would not damage player-made barricades nor buildings”.

Threads of "already suggested" threads

Those were good ideas, though I’d think tornados should take down player structures too.


Great ideas, especially the rain tab. One thing I do want to point out though, why would tornadoes not destroy barricades and structures? Would only add a challenge to the game, choose your base spot well and makes it dumb to build large clan bases because a tornado could rip off the half of it.


I think people have not liked that idea in the past, so I didn’t include it


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Keep in mind that all of this is RNG, and no matter whose base the tornado hits, it’s unfair.


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What about sandstorm? :stuck_out_tongue:


4.0 darude map


I think windy to a freaking tonardo would escalated way to quickly. I was going to say “what about stroms” but remember that it was counted as a wind x rain… so ok.

Personally I think this should be able to be configured for each map. (As in. No tornadoes in zimbabwe or no snow in zimbabwe… something like that.) (Yes I know you can do that. But would be nice to point it out nontheless.)

Also. Thunderstorms would be nice. Kinda makes metals bases more risky… if they were to be added. (Out of context.)

Again. I didn’t know enough about weather to disputed this. Except that the tornadoes would be… way too much. But that’s just me.

Ok enough with the petty stuffs.
If water barrels would be the thing in 4.0, I think these should affected on how it re-filled. (Droplets as the slowest, and err… storms at the highest.) (But who still doing that?)

Also, rains should affects fishing. The stronger the rain. The more you can catches. But remember. Rainy days and riding a boat doesn’t mix. So riding a boat during heavy rain (or storm) is going to be “somewhat lethal” aswell.

Floods should be a thing for the “heavily-rainy” themed map.

Alright. Snows… the stronger the bilzzard the faster your body losing heat. Self explained. But wait, I think water should freeze if the bilzzard somehow lasted for long enough. This would caused an entire map’s watersource to froze. And the water would be lethal for anyone swiming during that time. (Yes, it does warm you up when the top is completely froze over… but you’re not a fish. You can’t breath underwater… or can you? Let’s just say that the water would be lethal ‘during’ bilzzard. No matter what.)

Alright ok. Sorry if it’s hard to read. I tried.


Tornadoes should only form on open maps, as trees help prevent wind from starting a cyclone.


Here’s some more ideas for rain, wind, and snow. Of you are wearing a visor, rain droplets and snow will blur your vision. If you are wearing clothing during a windy day, your clothes will flap around more.


you’re kinda repeating me there bud


I also thought about that, only didn’t include because it’s deviating from the subject a bit, but yeah

How so? They would only drop some trees and destroyable props. Basically free logs. Also they wold mess up your aim the most.


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