A new shotgun

Based on the Wichester 1200 model Defender is an easy shotgun to find in small towns mainly in the rural area, has capacity for 5 ammunition but is less than the police shotgun as less ammunition capacity, less durability, slower recharge, I found the hearing unnecessary of the hunter versions and etc. that only changes practically the amount of ammunition.

Here’s a Winchester 1200 Defender
Here’s a Bluntforce
For comparison, here’s a Mossberg 500
And here’s a Beretta RS-202
A Norinco HP9-1
A Stevens Model 77E
An FN P12
A Remington 870
And a Benelli M3

I rest my case.


I know that aesthetically is the same thing however the features like ammunition capacity, durability, effective distance the indentation of the change.

So essentially a fucking reskin.


whats the indentation of change

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The gun goes up with the shot is a few shotgun boost has hand rests to decrease

So you mean recoil?

Of all the things you possibly suggested, you chose to suggest one specific shotgun?

Have we hit the bottom of the well?


A makeshift Blunderbuss is more important than this.


You know that you could put different stocks, sights, barrels, chokes, and magazine tubes on pretty much any pump-action shotgun to make it perform pretty much the same as pretty much any other pump-action shotgun that fires that length and gauge of shell, right?

as to suggesting a specific shotgun yes as to hitting the bottom of the well well depends on the point of view of each one,anyway, why the bottom of the pit? if I’m going to suggest a weapon I have to suggest the real counterpart.

Yes but we are talking about a considerably easier shotgun to find with some differences independent of possibly additional accessories.

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is dependent on what magazine tube/extension you’re using.

will be completely reworked in 4.X, so I can’t say much about it yet.

Is dependent upon the ammunition and furniture.


So let’s consider the 5 ammunition as the ‘’ standard shotgun bullets ‘’.


What about the five different shells? Can you give more information than 2 pics of shells (also in your pics there is only 3 diff types).

i dont understand what the photo is

A couple decades ago, shotshells were color-coded according to gauge, with red being 12-gauge, yellow being 20, green being 16, and so on.
However, that system has kinda been thrown out the window at this point.

Don’t think Birdshot will be added, being a barely-lethal round only for small game hunting (Maybe just a poor-man’s ammo/unlucky find in forest cabins).

Buckshot will definitely be a thing, and Slug has been a highly requested round to make a return.

as for gauge I’m sure it will be added anyway to suit the needs of different kinds of guns.

Birdshot is lethal at close range. The damage multiplier should birdshot should do exactly 100 damage and be more of a hunting round that’s good for fowling.

I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. You’re saying something about having “standard shotgun bullets” but showed shells of varying lengths which almost certainly have different amounts or sizes of projectiles and different amounts and faster or slower burning propellant.

That’s more of a manufacturer specific thing. Some still do it, while some never did.

You said bird shot, but then described dust shot.