A new type of fuel

There should be a new type of fuel for heavy duty vehicles. Those vehicles would include APCS, tanks, helicopters, trains, and military planes. This fuel would be called diesel fuel. This fuel could be found in military locations, and places where vehicles that need diesel fuel spawn.

So…what will this achieve?


it should be another type of fuel, but Not only for military vehicles because that doest make sence,

some vehicles like vans, some types of trucks, some big vehicles and small vehicles

By this post’s logic shouldn’t aircraft use Jet Fuel?


Yes, kerosene.

Honestly in my opinion, different fuels wouldn’t make it more fun or enjoyable. Things would have to be labelled and it could be very frustrating to see a Jerry can only to find out it’s the wrong type. That’s just me.🤷

You’re necroposting. Stop it.

Weird it said new. Also it’s not that long ago

Anyways, there’s a lot of other posts that go into much more detail about this topic.

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