A painful reflection on Unturned 2

It is, he can perfectly afford 3-4 other people.

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On this also, there’s no shortage of people interesting in working on various UE4 projects even from my own experience and if stuff’s not going well with just Nelson and MoltonMontro which it really doesn’t appear to be, asking around or even putting applications for smaller jobs or at least positions to help would easily be taken by various modders of the community and individuals who may have experience in this ward and are interesting in improving the game


Also didn’t he already answer on why he doesn’t add more people to U4s development team?

Alright, we get it. You don’t like how Unturned II is coming along.
Believe me, half the forum already knows this, you don’t need to go “hurr durr Nelson is too ambitious” all the goddamn time, you’re just being annoying now.
Every single post that has to do with Unturned II, you’re there, going “I told you, Unturned II is not gonna happen, just hire people huehue”


Hey guys been a long time

cry harder kid

He’s right tho

If you checked my post history you’d see I don’t talk about it “all the god damn time”, my name isn’t Kukoy who talks about third person 24/7. So aggressive for what?

@SDGNelson please stop focusing on unturned 3.0 let it be as it is right now and just focus on 4. i swear it will be much worth and give it an early launch as possible. if there are still things you are not happy about 4.0 when you release it you can still improve it, but we just want a new game to play for the moment. WE NEED IT


Could the lot of you shut it? It’s not that complicated; Nelson is developing a game, and it’s taking a while. Would you all like a polished turd, a fat dump served on a silver platter? If you value a game coming out quicker rather than the quality of the game, so be it, But don’t make it Nelson’s problem because you’re impatient. Keep up the great work, Nelson!


Too dehydrated for anymore tears, i’ll come back tomorrow.

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@platanazox There should be a full focus on Unturned II to get it out relatively quicker for the general public.

That’s where you’re wrong, you think those of us waiting for Unturned 2 want to hurry Nelson up and get the game out fast.

But it is not like that, not at all.
What we want, or at least “wish” is that Nelson even focuses on Unturned 2. We don’t want to hurry him or that he releases the game this year, the thing is that he is not even working on it, he has completely left it aside.

I repeat, it is not that he is working on it slowly and we want to rush it, it is that he has not been working on it for months because he is no longer passionate about it or “wants everything to be perfect” so with that reason. He has been in an apparent cycle in which he does this. “Improve Unturned 1 → Go back to Unturned 2 → Plan something in Unturned 2 → Don’t do it → Go back to Unturned 1 → Improve Unturned 1” Basically this for months.

Even LOL when the new community post has no Q&A about Unturned 2, no one is asking about that? Is anyone really asking about in-game crafting and this takes away from other more important questions? Honestly, I don’t know what’s been going on for a while now, and the old me that used to say, Unturned 2 will eventually definitely come out, has morphed into “I don’t know if Unturned 2 will ever come out”.

And I repeat one last time, Nelson can work on whatever he likes, if he likes and is passionate about Unturned 1, then let him be happy with it, have a good time. But let him not forget the part of the community that is waiting for Unturned 2 while he ignores it. We would like to know why he can’t hire people? Because he is no longer passionate about Unturned 2? Are you still interested? Do you still like it?

@SDGNelson are you still interested in Unturned 2? And if the answer is yes, then

@SDGNelson , in how many years do you think you will be satisfied with Unturned 1 to come back to Unturned 2 ?

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This past week I have been doing some work on the Unturned “lag line” performance improvements outlined at the start of the year. Structures will be the first to benefit by time-slicing their instantiation, then probably barricades, and then async loading and pooling for both types. The netcode rewrites in the first half of the year were the prerequisite for this, and I think there is certainly enough time to finish this work by the end of 2021 alongside other misc content/features and working on Unturned II.

I am hesitant to discuss any specific progress on Unturned II at this point because I do not want to raise anyone’s hopes unduly. ---- I wrote a few follow-up sentences to this but it is really counter-productive. I will try to be less annoying by writing about stuff once I can show it.

Yarrrr brought up the hiring argument before resigning as well. My opinion on this has shifted from what it used to be. As mentioned in the recap blog post, the recent curated maps are more interesting than my maps. Professional audio designer would also significantly improve the audio quality. I still want to do all the programming myself, but I think i would be open to collaboration on the other aspects once the foundations are better laid. Releasing a vanilla UE mod project would also make pre-foundation experimentation possible, and I am 100% confident in this as discussed in the May blog post.


It’s a shame the argument here is so one sided for Unturned II, because most people joined the forum when the first devlogs were made, and everyone was so excited about a sequel, but I’m glad you didn’t abandon Unturned 3.0.

On the flip-side, you seem like a perfectionist, and I don’t think the effort is worth the time when developing Unturned II. Mind you, this is not about you switching focus to Unturned 3.0, that’s been discussed here to death, I’m talking about Unturned II and my “reflection” of your devlogs.

When you introduce a feature, it seems like you always want it to be fully developed, and I don’t think that’s a good use of time.

For example, I get the idea that if you were to add something like a Rocket Launcher to the game, you would go to the effort of making different types of missiles, and adding things like a back blast mechanic.

I remember you talking about having first person, and third person shadows perfectly match each other, and I just remember thinking to myself, why do we need that?
Remember when you added a flashlight to the game? You also added batteries, and also thought of adding a feature that gave it more power if one battery was opposite to the other, or something like that.
Features like that are a waste of time, I think you realised that, all you really needed to do with the flashlight, is to add the capability for it to flash light.

A feature like that is not a bad thing though, but it should be implemented as an update when the game is released. Right now, you need to create the skeleton of the game, in beta you create all the muscles and insides, and all the skin and surface level stuff comes before release. Weird metaphor and obvious things, but they can be easy to overlook when you get excited with a feature, focus on it, and then get excited with another feature and focuse on that, rinse, repeat.

Look at Rust for example, how much it changed in early access, and even now, after release, the game had heaps of changes and features that improved it to the point where I’m not sure how I played the game before. Same with Unturned 3.0, really.

It’s funny to think that it’s been over 3 years, since the first devlog, and we don’t even have zombies.

Planning ahead is not part of the issue, but I feel like you need to cut on your vision so it doesn’t take 5 years for a beta to come out.


@SDGNelson That sounds very interesting! I imagine you as the lead and main programmer, and you could guide the person in charge of the design to keep the essence of Unturned, and the same with the modeling and sounds.

Although, if the people who join are people from the same community, or at least from those who have made curated maps and understand Unturned style, then it would be perfect for the game.

There must be complications and such to put together a team but if you did, the game could turn out even better than you expect. I recently saw that the lone developer of Phasmophobia, decided to hire 2 people to help him with the design and modeling, and right now they are improving the whole game and redoing a lot of things.

It would be great to see a future like this with Unturned, but well, that’s it then, I don’t think there’s any need to keep reviving this post.

Thanks @SDGNelson for giving me those last hopes. Now it’s time to wait for next year to maybe come back to Unturned 2, in the meantime I can only see how you improve Unturned 1.


Wow my friend, your commentary is completely full of absolute wisdom.

Has @SDGNelson read it? It would be great to know what he thinks about what you have written, because, well, I was going to give some examples but basically you have said it all, just waiting to see what Nelson thinks about it.


Maybe this is in one of interview (SOE’s one or ZOOM B’s one), I’ll check that out


Nelson would be good to pass current weapon and vehicle models to a professional 3D modeler to follow the style.

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We still need some improvements in Unturned 3.