A walk-thru metal/explosive detector?

Since now we have this explosive chewing gum basically acting as a suicide bomb vest, would it be possible to add a craftable walk-thru explosive/contraband detector like the ones in airports?

To sum it up:
The item is:
-A craftable barricade type item, requires electricity to work (i.e. Generator);
-Doorframe shaped, when a player gets through it, check their inventory for any contraband items/explosives, such as weapons, C4, and obviously that chewing gum;
-If any are found, a red light is emitted; else its green light will lit. Simple stuff.

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…But why?

Fun idea
Won’t be useful for a survival game

I don’t see why this is necessary to be honest

While I’ve had a similar idea to this before, I think this would be far better as a mod rather than something in the vanilla game. The only purpose this would serve is RP, so as a mod I expect it would be quite popular.

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This could be useful in some situations if a sound was emitted from the object when an armed entity passes through, i.e. alerting you that someone just walked in and you left your door open. Other than that, like others have said, there really is no point in having this added into the game. It would serve well as a mod.

Another note, the metal detectors in the airport on Russia should have a similar function when powered by a generator, because why not?

It would require too much effort to be a mod imo. And yes, it really ain’t necessary…But it’s would be nice detail wouldn’t it?

And it wouldn’t for Nelson?

Not very necessary, but could be a neat little feature for the metal detectors in the Airport in Russia.

It’d most likely have to be a module rather than a mod, so it’d technically be easier for Nelson to add it himself (to Unturned 3)? If this was Unturned 4.x, it’d likely be far easier to mod such a thing if desired.

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thats why we need Dlc in 4.0

so nelson can add optional RP themed items so if u want to use those items just dowload it
(sorry my english is bad)

Check this: What about Dlcs?

4.0 goal is certainly not RP