A warning against 'training' experience over 'base' experience systems

However, it’s something that you do regularly

Not really. It could just be limited to combat.

You get into a fight. You kill one, and the other kills you. Instead of just having a deduction or loss of your skills, you’re locked out of your base skills for an hour while their team has one player that still has all his skills.

Not really genetics, I mean, it could be genetics, but more likely it’s as a result of profession and lifestyle.

How else do you propose learning a skill like revolver fanning then? Shooting a single-action a lot of times until you magically realize you can just fan the hammer?

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That makes it worse

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This is why I’ve said that skill levels should have diminishing returns.

The stabilized aim that in 3.X was granted by sharpshooter could be trained by spending time ADSing. The reduced recoil could be trained by firing ammunition or firing blanks, if you’re just grinding for XP.

And your profession style would have pros and cons. Similar to my genetics. People hate cons.

How else should the player know how to pick up a gun? Flailing their hands until they get the right combination to grab and wield it? I’m not sure what the point here is, players should know how to fan from the start. Very much how we can aim without needing a skill.

I suggested Exponential Skills and people did not like that.

N-no? It could, it could not.

Some things are simple enough to not need a skill. What, you want a skill for learning how to walk? How to breathe?

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Well the point of “Training” experience is that you have to focus on the thing that you want to level up and it is supposed to take time, you are not supposed to get full level sharpshooter after 15 min of killing turned.

And I don’t see why you would need to farm skills, they level up as you play the game as it is meant to be played.
I hope there will be some anti “Skill farm” system that restricts you from easily farming up your skills.
So then you would not be able to build skill farming machines like the one you just showed.


I don’t see how you can be so sure about that, just because it’s like that in 3.0 dosen’t mean that 4.0 will have that shitty feature, the only reason why you lose so much in 3.0 is because you can farm up to full skills fast AF.
And I don’t think you will lose skills in 4.0 like you do in 3.0, sins that system is really not so good, AKA Trash

Well sneakybeaky could get leveld up you sneaking around turned (or animals), so if you are close to them and they don’t detect you then you get sneakybeaky XP points.

Warmblooded could get leveld up by you being in cold environment like cold weather, cold climate, cold water and so on…

Immunity could level up when you get sick, infected, get exposed to radiation or toxins… and much more, you are not supposed to level skills up instantly and they should level up over time when you play the game as it is intended to be played.

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You forgot to mention that Nelson could just make it not take 100 hours to max out every skill, and maybe, let’s say, 2-3 hours?

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When I suggested it some people were confused or indifferent about it, but I don’t recall anyone actually disliking it.

The following isn’t a response to any one phrase said by any one person, but to an flawed assumption that is prevalent through this discussion.

The skills of 3.X don’t each have to have direct equivalents in the trainable skills of 4.X.

  • Nelson has additionally expressed interest in a skill tree like that of Path of Exiles, which has purchaseable skills.
  • Clothing and other equipment can give buffs which in 3.X through skills.
  • A medical/nutrition system could also give said buffs.
  • As Redcomm pointed out skills could be unlocked through skill sets and skill books.
  • Most simply, and I would have thought most obviously, 4.X skills won’t just be copies of 3.X skills; 3.X skills can be combined, split, tweaked, or excluded as necessary to fit with 4.X’s mechanics.
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Because theres always a bigger fish. If you dont spend time upgrading these skills, someone will and HAS already wasted the time to grind for them so that they can out-compete you in every way.

That will just push people away from skills entirely. ‘Training’ systems will ALWAYS breed the fastest possible ways to level up, even if they’re tedious, wasteful, and unfun

A lot of Survival games have this feature, and Nelson has not disclosed how skill loss will occur. We can only assume that 4.0 will have all the same features as 3.0 until he specifically says otherwise.

It costs around 2,500 EXP to level up every single skill. Thats a whole lot of zombies, which I’d say on average give you 5 EXP. You’d have to kill 500 of them without dying once.

Thats a lot of grinding I hear

Thats a lot of grinding I hear

Thats a lot of grinding I hear

At this rate, assuming Unturned 4.0 will have the same exact skills, it would take 44-66 hours to max out all 22 skills on a single server. Include skill loss on death and thats something I wouldn’t waste my time on ever in forever - but I’m sure elitists would.

We can only assume that 4.0 will have all the same features as 3.0 until he specifically says otherwise. We assumed it will have guns, vehicles, clouds, terrain, survival, zombies, hunger, thrist, and so on.

In 7D2D

in 7D2D, which I am basing most of my ideas on

in 7D2D, which I am basing most of my ideas on

in 7D2D, which I am basing most of my ideas on

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I was more saying 2-3 hours to max out EVERY skill

They’re also planned to be in 4.X, alongside trainable skills. You’ve provided good examples that prove that trainable skills aren’t the ideal way to give all buffs, and others have suggested ways that trainable skills can be improved and how certain buffs could be shoehorned into the category, but I still don’t see the reason why it’s being discussed as if either all or none of the buffs could be earned through trainable skills.

No I hate the current one, it is really stupid, I mean you punch zombies and during that you learn to heal yourself.
No way, I would hate it if this got into it, it means you actually have to practice something to be good at it, now there should be things like books that skill you up without doing it, but come on, the skill points are stupid.

2-3 hours to max out 22 skills. You cant even do that in 3.0.

Balance > Realism

You would be correct, it is more balanced and real. Better too.

Why is everybody instantly assuming that:
a) You will have the exact same skills.
b) You will have to grind a fucking lot.
c) Skills will be as important and as OP as in 3.0


It’s the most educated assumption we can make…? Based off evidence of prior versions of the game that do exist compared to guessing what doesn’t even exist yet?

You WILL grind a lot. If you do not have to grind to get the cream of the crop, then whats the point of survival game? Who wants to play a survival game where you can get the best of the best through no effort within an hour or so?

Thats not fun. Theres needs be atleast a little bit more difficulty beyond that, and assuming it will, there will always be elitist cucks who will grind, waste time, waste resources to max out their levels and wreck havoc on everyone.

I hope so? Were you here in early 3.0 when there were NO skills?


  • Ran at the same speed
  • Regen stamina at the same speed
  • Swam the same speed
  • Jumped the same height
  • Sounded the same
  • Was equally inaccurate
  • Melee’d with equal damage
  • Reloaded at the same speed
  • Used up the same food/water
  • Could cook anything
  • Could craft anything

I want skills to be “OP”, or worth the effort - If they impact gameplay in only miniscule ways, then most people will just ignore them - and then what was the point of adding them?

The problem here that I’m trying to highlight why under a ‘training’ system for gaining EXP it would be awful, grindy, tedious, wasteful, and unfun and only lead to elitist players grinding for them to dominate the server.

You of course, wont have to grind for them. If you dont mind losing.

You have good arguments, but I am far more inclined towards training skills, or even better, having no skills at all. Skills work wonders in RPGs, but they, beyond some passive skills that get improved with ordinary non-intrusive activity, don’t really have a place in survival games.

The only point I see in skills is to actually just give the player a fear of death, if you keep them after death then they make even less sense.

On mechanical skills like crafting, engineering and mechanic, if you are limiting a player’s ability to make/repair something, you might as well limit it by making the player require an item to do it (repair kit/specific parts).

I think that values like running speed,sound,etc. should be more dependent on the items the player has, rather than a character bound quality. Having running shoes will make you run faster than being barefoot.

And yes, I’ve been in the early days of 3.0, in fact, I am here since Steam release of 2.0, so no need for that condescending tone.

Pick all of the ways you think would be appropriate to earn buffs in Unturned II

  • Buffs through trainable skills
  • Buffs through purchasable skills
  • Buffs through skill books
  • Buffs through equipped/worn items and their attachments
  • Buffs through consumables/nutrition/medical system
  • Buffs through character classes/skillsets
  • No buffs
  • Null Option (pick this if you voted accidentally)

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I love democracy.

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