Another little topic that gib peak interest

What would you all think about 4.0 having skills that never have a limit to them? IE, as you level them up they go up exponentially with no limit unlike 3.0’s system where leveling up skills is linear and has a set limit. This could for one, open the doors for wacky game modes that levels up a skill a ton. And of course could also add more to the game, as currently I hate maxing out all of my skills in 3.0 and then I have nothing to do with my excess EXP besides overpaying NPCs for items or sharing it with friends through a library.

This could give the game a bit more of a RPGish feel, since most MMO RPG’s or what not let you just grind and infinitely level up your character. It would definitely be cool to see someone who, for instance, is in a group and “mains” treechopping, and he can slowly but surely chop trees ever so faster if he continues to do just that. An example could be -

Lv 0 = default tree chopping speeds
Lv 1 = chop 5 trees, +5% speed
Lv 2 = chop 15 more trees, +5% speed
Lv 3 = chop 45 more trees, +5% speed

Just a little example. The trees required goes up but the % reward stays the same.

While this would reward people for playing on one server for a long time, it would be absolutely busted. The amount of pure advantage one would have over a fresh spawn would be absolutely ridiculous, and you would see every server have a group of people completely dominating, only because they have the most time played on the server, and because of the head start they would have over normal people due to skills, would be almost impossible to dethrone.

On the other hand at level 10 for woodcutting that would be 50% faster, which I think is what maxed woodcutting is in unturned 3.0, and would also take 98 thousand trees to get it to that, which is pretty ridiculous for only 50%, so if its in that kind of a format I really doubt anyone would ever level up past 3, so I guess having crazy high goals would fix the problem of people having to much of an advantage? But also if it was that impossible to get a noticeable increase it wouldnt effect game play enough, so this is a interesting topic.


Hmmmm… this does make sense, but it could work on certain skills. Such as Stamina and Oxygen regeneration. Healing. Broken bone-healing. More powerful attacks which could only be upgraded by killing (not just hitting) the targets with melee. However, I do have to point out that this…

This doesn’t apply to Unturned. This applies to every single game that allows huge teams to join. So you can’t really use that as an argument. But other than that, you do make a point that they could be exploited easily. Which is why I wanted some of the skills to be like this. Maybe not the examples that i gave, but surely there has to be at least one that could have this

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Well for one, you’d loose these skills or most of the skills just like in 3.x on death. You’d only remember a slight glimpse of your experience with, say, treechopping. And as I said, this would be exponential leveling, so eventually you would see diminishing returns after, lets say, chopping 200 trees.

You could easily under this system dethrone another group. It’d be just like in Unturned 3.x. You kill them a few times, they loose their experience, and they’re in a state of weakness due to having lost all of their hunger skills, combat skills, sprint skills, etc. The only difference here is there is no true “limit” to how high your experience can go. For normal vanilla 4.x servers your experience would just kinda balance out and as said have diminishing returns (It would still be fun to grind and level up slightly more)

But as I said, for the other wacky gamemodes (lets say, a server with 100x experience) things would get very interesting, and maybe very fun or funny.

As I said, this is only an example. I never said my example was balanced. It’s just there to explain what I meant by my post. Of course it seems unreasonable, but it could be worked out to be much more balanced and worth grinding for. I’d love to see more specialization in Unturned, and this system would kinda push for people to pick one “class” or job and try to level up more in it.

Thanks for helping point that out. But yeah, as I had said it could be worked up to not be so exploitable. I agree that some skills should have a sort of limit (such as recoil, accuracy, food/hunger, toxicity, fall damage, etc) but others that are more role-orientated (tree chopping, mining, reload speed, hammering speed, crafting speed, etc) could have no limit. or something like that, maybe. It’s a real loosy goosy idea.

Losing skills on death would fix the dominance problem, but it would also be really punishing, and would really make it so that no one would ever make it far in terms of leveling, which would be fine but a 15% or 20% bonus doesn’t effect gameplay super noticeably, unless its on certain things like healing.

Also I dont really understand how unturned doesn’t allow large groups to join? 3 doesn’t just because of the low size of servers so you cant really have more than 10 people on without getting bored because there isnt anyone else to fight, but Im assuming that 4 will have larger servers, and the thing is most games that usually have large clans on (rust and dayz back in the day) did have these clans dominating servers for days if not weeks at a time, until a different one raided them in the middle of the night. (In my first reply I was assuming you wouldnt completely lose skills on death, so it wouldnt be too broken) Also I think a PoE skill tree was hinted at by nelson, which could be mildly similar to this.

Instead of getting a fixed amount of benefit from an ever increasing amount of grind, each tree should give an ever decreasing amount of benefit.

Also training one skill should have slight negative effects to all other skills, not enough impact that a solo player can’t get decent at a variety of skills, but enough that nobody can be a specialist at everything at once.

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