About vehicles

It would be cool if there was a way in big vehicles press a button and you could walk ,place etc inside this vehicle also cool would be with a generator something like that you can open the vehicle doors.


I don’t really think that this is all that necessary.

Tbh in a vehicle like the Dumptruck I wouldn’t mind being able to actually walk around on it without completely just jumping out. If trains were a thing, I would definitely want this.

If this was a thing, with vehicles similar to the Dumptruck you would have to straight-up climb up the side to the driver’s seat before you could even drive it. No more hopping in vehicles from any spot.

That being said:

what why

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So you want to be able to walk around inside big vehicles without jumping out? Assuming that’s the case, yeah I’m up for it.

Also, what? Using generators to open car doors? That’s ridiculous and isn’t needed.

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It would be interesting but for no specific reason

Fixed your quote. :rage:

It would be weird imo. What are we trying to power?

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i would like it if by default, pressing f would just get our character’s hands off the steering wheel and stuff, then we could walk around inside the vehicle as we please. If we wished to get out, maybe just look at the door handle, where a little interactive circle would appear or something and then we could click on the handle and open the door and get out the vehicle. Would be cool to see in 4.x

Thus would be awesome!!

I think that also cool would be to have a big truck with a giatic storege unit behind it :+1:

I think it would be cool to be able to slide open for example heli or bus doors…

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I agree with that, especially with the Huey, being able to close the doors using ctrl for example.


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