About zombies

I think Unturned 4.0 don’t need “super zombies” an exception is fat big zombie.
What I mean when says “super zombies”?
Super zombies is ghosts, acid zombies, fire zombies, etc.
I think this must be thing of the past, of the unturned 3.0
(Exception is crawling and crouching zombies)
Why? Because that may be look as left 4 dead, and super zombies thats so fantastic
I wanna (I don’t think not only me, but told right now about me) more realistic game than unturned 3.0, but save some casualties, and don’t make from unturned 4.0 to arma 3.
I just wanna some details like a normal pistol damage (when you can kill a man in the head from revolver(only) when he don’t have helmet, or 3 shoots from revolver in body without armour and kill him)
Make real guns(like a rifles) rarely, and not always better than pistols.
And I think armour (t1-t2) should add 1-2 shots to basic 3 shots.
Ahahh, yes, I started from zombies and finish from weapon.
Thats looks realistic, but save some casuality


And… DONT FORGET about game modes and difficulty level

I think zombie mutations are fine, for the most part, being a good way to add variety and challenge to the game (although better zombie AI is still needed).

That aside, you have some weird nicknames for the zombies.

I don’t think armor being as straightforward as “this is tier one” and “this is tier two” is realistic.

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Well technically, there is a tiered classification system of body armor. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/body-armor1.htm But it is more complex then just two tiers.
Edit: I just realized the page I linked to doesn’t cover cut and pierce resistance, but you can Google as well as I can.

That’s was just example with armour, I know, game have police, civil, army, homemade. That doesn’t matter.

Zombie mutations looks really fantasy, GHOST zombie, really? That’s fine for 3.0 or special game mode, for example arena.
Or I have compromise: option to off/on those zombies. But, anyway, that comprise is shit, because players always on those zombies.
DANGER is people.
Zombie it’s just addition for danger.
Zombies don’t need be main problem, main problem is players.

It does if your point is that the game should be realistic, yet imply content should be direct upgrades of each other. Personally, I don’t think most people want the game’s progression and items to be either be straight-up upgrades or direct downgrades.

Most people would prefer a genuinely fleshed out player progression that’s not as linear as was implied. It makes sense for a military-grade rifle to be better than a civilian-grade handgun in most ways, but that doesn’t mean personal preference and side-grades shouldn’t exist.

There’s a lot more stats than just “armor” and “damage,” basically. It feels like wasted potential to not do something with them.

An option already exists in Unturned 3 for any and all types of zombies. Spirit Zombies are off by default right now anyways, since the map they plan to be available on and lore they’ll be tied to isn’t actually out yet.

A reminder that Unturned is marketed as a zombie survival game, going in a direction to emphasize (primarily) good PvE content. If you don’t want the main threat to be zombies (or keeping your stats up to survive), then I would not recommending playing 4, at least not until there are options that let you officially/easily turn the game into a PvP/arena-fest. Or play Unturned 3 in the meanwhile.

4 is not going in the direction you think, nor did Unturned 3 really either.

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His entire suggestion is essentially the opposite of what 4.x is going to be

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Someting like sprinter zombies and crawlers are fine, but ghost and acid? REALLY? Something more “realistic” should be nice.


Relembre The dizer of The Head in unturned!!!

Zombies were never realistic in the first place :wink:

They can, however, have alternatives that can suit your taste

  • Burner - Burster (Explosive gas)
  • Flanker - Stalker (Same thing but matches the color of its surroundings instead of being purple)
  • Acid Spitter - Acid spitter (Same thing but green spit)
  • Spirit - Brute (No camo but is bullet resistant)

But really I don’t see why they should go other than ‘UNREALISTIC!!!’

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That’s normal for Left 4 dead, because that game have DYNAMIC gameplay, and don’t need survive few hours on big map.
Left 4 dead is only PvE game, and accent on zombies.
Unturned posed self as PvP game, and main danger must be players, not zombies. I don’t want die from zombie acid when I was looted like a Dora Explorer(lol) I wanna die in hassle from bullet of real looter

I think you’re misguided.

Unturned 3.0 was PvP oriented because Nelson was being soft with people’s suggestions (As in, trying to please the majority), ending up adding more PvP stuff than PvE. That’s why we have tanks, jets and other sorts of stuff.

It was never intended to be a PvP game

Because 4.0 is survival focused, zombies needed a core role in the game so that singleplayer and PvE is enjoyable.

All you’re trying to suggest is to simply turn the new game into 3.0 remade in a different engine, and also at the same time make it a generic realistic PvP simulator with the gun suggestions you mentioned. So no, main danger must not only be players.


I can only agree so much, pls no

We need more realistic zombies like, they can pick up guns, melee weapons or someting. That will be interesting to survive isnt it? Don’t you wanna see a zombie chasing you with Chainsaw??? :wink:


I knew someone would say that zombies are not realistic, but that’s why I put
There actually exists one fungus that turns ants in “zombies”, but not one that make people spit acid.
Just normal zombies, carwlers, sprinters, tuff zombies, and explosive zombies (caused by gases) are enough, maybe a giant zombies as a mutation.

I think that’s beter than acid zombies, like the re4’s ganados, but a lil bit dumber.


Living things are already full of acids, but generally not full of explosively high pressure gas. Explosive zombies seem even less realistic, IMO.


I’m not talking about cinematic explosins, I’m talking about body tissues explosions, that has high infection contaminating rate, and those explosions are caused by the methane that corpses release when it touches the air, like when you shot them. It only would explode if you shot their intestine or something like that. I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT FIRE ZOMBIES

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I’m not talking about fire either. Not sure where you got that idea…
Anyways, while it is true that under certain conditions rotting corpses will become bloated, and eventually pop from pressure build up, this only happens in specific environments and only if the bodies themselves are in specific conditions, a condition which there is no reason to assume that the zombies of Unturned are in. And the amount of internal pressure a rotting corpse can hold would only cause a negligible expulsion of gore.


That’s just waht I said. I’m not talking about a huge explosing, but a small one that has a high infection rate. This still beter than spit acid…

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