Accessories earned by achievements

In some games, I’ve seen that if you kill a certain number of enemies, or do a certain thing, then you get a little in-game badge to display on your character. I think this would be nice to see in II, say if you killed 200 players you could get a little badge to display on a military helmet, or as a gun skin.

Also there could be badges like this next to the player name, say if you go to the players screen (M) then you could see those little icons next to the players’ names.

Just a little suggestion.



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Just a steam achievement would be nice imo. Since we’re surely need to track more than 1,000 kills.

This was my first post here
I REALLY like achievement items, especially hidden or hard to get ones.
I will always wear an achievement item over a paid item even if the paid item is cooler.
Destiny 2 and other mmorpg games have “titles” where you have a little suffix on your name to show what you’ve done. I think something like this would work for Unturned aswell (maybe it could be server based aswell)

wE NeEd moAr AccHiveMent Items.

Like in GroupCastle 2?

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