Add a skill that decreases salvage time!

The title is simple enough.

There are countless situations where the current salvage speed is god awfully slow.

Got raided and want to salvage the remains for the next base? Too bad it takes forever.

Dumb friend put things all over the wrong place? Too bad it takes forever.


I’m not sure why this wasn’t already a thing. I’m sure it can be a generic 3-step level system like, the first upgrade is 100% (2x) speed, next (3x) 200%, then 300% (4x) speed.

I can’t imagine any serious or practical situation where salvaging things too fast would be an exploit or extreme crazy OP advantage.

Its just a quality of life feature that you have to spend your EXP on, similar to spending XP on QOL things like toughness (flinch/grayscale), outdoors (mine/chop dmg), fishing (reaction time), mechanic (repair speed), and technically survival (higher food/water endurance).

It currently takes 8 seconds to salvage. So 2x would be 4 seconds, 3x would be 2 seconds, and 4x would be one second. If that seems too OP, it can always be a smaller percentage, but I would definitely prefer to salvage things in one second lol.


on top of this the salvage speed should also be different depending on the item, cuz salvaging a wooden frame shouldnt take as long as it takes to salvage a whole ass metal wall


perhaps wooden structures should salvage faster, to balance the fact they are easily destructable. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is not “a thing” bc actually nobody has say nothing about this.
So… is a thing for u.

then support my right to salvage faster

Salvaging faster has its own issues such as everything being salvageable regardless of how much time has passed. I’ve had multiple instances where I was a pixel off and accidentally salvaged the wall behind a row of lockers instead of opening the locker, and then not being able to put the wall back unless I removed all the lockers as well.

The entire craft speed needs to be changed too, I think.
UPD. I made this post, so you can vote or just comment to give your opinion about this topic.

Even though I agree with the thought that the salvaging speed should be decreased I am afraid that it either needs to be item-specific or not more than 25% faster of the speed we currently have. For example, we definetly can salvage items such as campfires, notes or radios 2X faster no problem. But when it comes to structures, a speed faster than 125% of what we have now might be a problem(for example, during a raid). I also think that we should not have the skill for faster salvaging, as this speed always was constant for everyone.

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