Advanced Vehicle Systems

I think that Unturned 3.x did lack in a complex vehicle system. The vehicles were very easy to repair, switch tires, and refuel. I think that for Unturned 4.x there should be a complex system with vehicles.


For example when switching tires/wheels you should have to jack the car up and then use a wrench to remove lug nuts on the wheels.


When repairing vehicles I think it shouldn’t be spraying a vehicle with magical dust but instead having to find parts when looting such as engines, hoods, doors, spoilers. You can then replace the parts on the car giving it more health or armor. This would also be a great customization system for the vehicles allowing the players to put whatever they want on their car.


I think the system for fueling in 3.x was fine but it should be a little bit more advanced in the way that theirs different fuels you can find. Ex: diesel - for trucks, suv’s, regular petrol - for sedans, economy vehicles, premium petrol - for sports cars

If you have any additions to this topic reply, also tell me what you think about my ideas!


For your first post, this is pretty well formatted. Nice job!

I do agree with the point of having to jack the car up before removing/installing wheels, as well as replacing critically damaged components of the car. This would also allow for a modular system, for example where you can install a huge floodlight on the roof of your truck, or a reinforced rollcage/bumper on the front for added damage resistance. Also, there’s potential to modify and tune internal parts such as the engine, which would be amazing.

I do think that having different fuel types would be a bit far for things like civilian vehicles, but military/industrial vehicles as well as aircraft should have different fuel types at the very least.


There is only one possible problem with this suggestion, is that on PVP or just multiplayer servers in general usually the second people lose their wheels/ run out of fuel they just leave the car and move on, so adding more things that could (break) and need rareish parts to fix will make cars even weaker than they already are. Not necessarily a bad thing I suppose, but something worth considering.


I agree with this

I do agree with the 3 different types of fuel being a bit much. However, in my opinion, it would be just fine to have 2 type of fuel

  1. Regular fuel - for all land vehicles
  2. Kerosene - for all air vehicles (if they’re actually planned)

The question is how trains will be powered (if Nelson does go through with adding trains). Type of fuel trains use

I completely agree I think it would be awesome to have a system which makes maintaining a vehicle more difficult and so much more valuable.

I also love being able to customize cars, so if there were to be an awesome vehicle system for vehicle customization I would be absolutely in love.

Reading this alone is just a joy to my imagination.

Make cars a less rng thing and more of something you grind for. You might walk by a broken down car a dozen times until someone either takes the time to scrap it or finds enough parts to make it drivable. Make it a lot harder to destroy, and make them less likely to just blow up destroying everything inside and nearby.



Even in an apocalypse, vehicles are everywhere. The deciding factor is condition. This will not only increase the skill ceiling, but also potentially change the meta of the game entirely.

I wonder if there’s a starting engine system and gear shifting system…

A gear shifting system would be cool to see but I think it might be a little overkill on driving physics. You have to remember most of the playerbase is kids and wouldn’t understand a manual vehicle. I think its also to many controls for Unturned.

Was about to comment on that matter. Yeah, that’s the thing with gear shifting in a game such as Unturned. There would be those who would struggle. However, it could be solved if there were an option to choose whether you want to do manual or automatic. The thing with that on the other is that those who used manual transmission would need to be able to drive a tiny bit faster if the gears were used correctly.

In that case I’m not sure it would be the best idea to have in-game.

@Awbee @Domenic77x @MrExzibit

Just so you know, gear shifting for vehicles is currently planned, as of the Unturned 4.x Wishlist.

Way back I once did a vehicle overhaul suggestion, and Nelson seemed to be in approval of gear shifting at the time. The way I proposed it, gear shifting would be optional (off by default) but when enabled, skilled manual drivers could use it to accelerate faster than automatic drivers.


That’s cool, I wasn’t completely sure whether I had seen it as planned or not.

Then it’s how I imagined, it’d be optional. We’ll see. This is a going to be a testing period for 4.x. So if something isn’t liked, it can always be made better or deleted.

I did not know of this thanks for letting me know.
I guess it would be cool to see implemented with benefits over driving automatic.

Just a suggestion to Nelson. Different vehicles have more or less gears based on their engines and fuel effiecency. If your going to add a gearbox make sure to give trucks, bigger vehicles more gears so they drive at a less rpm but higher speeds and save more fuel. Also giving sedans and smaller vehicles less gears.

Oh, also, it’s a general rule of thumb never to ping Nelson for anything.

If it’s actually that important that it warrants a ping, either he would’ve seen it or you would have PMed him. Either way it’s usually bad to just trivially @ Nelson for something like this.

Did not know, good to know now. I just assumed someone like him would have some sort of notifications turned off for that

I love this idea and maybe there could be different types of tires,idk much about tires but I do know that the tire goes around like a metal thingy so maybe if you find a car you might need to put that or the actual tire on. Sorry if this Is confusing I’ll explain later

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