After all, should players have standard clothes?

Well this has been discussed a lot in the past, the main point is whether players should spawn naked or with some basic clothes, usually the argument against it is that somehow it would be OP and that it would make the game easier, as well as having an outfit that it could become a bandage, or that it increases the initial storage capacity would be an easy, are a fact, but most games offer an initial outfit even if only one pants, even if it offers the most basic clothing in the game for players spawned is so OP?

  • Players must spawn with some clothes.
  • Players must not spawn with clothing.

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Well it makes more sense to spawn whit some clothes like ,how did you even end up without them you had a life before the apocalypse . The clothes to not be too op should be regular civilian clothes.


If players spawn with clothing, it should just be “torn rags” that are essentially torn up versions of random outfits in the game, which provide no benefit other than a minuscule amount of storage space.

Essentially, it should incentivize people to try and get better clothes, rather than just wearing the ones they spawn with.

Ex. You could spawn with incredibly damaged (looking) military uniforms, police uniforms, ect.

None of these would be better than any of the other versions. The look is more aesthetic than usefulness, and every version offers the same small amount of defense and storage.


But they definitely shouldn’t be replacing ‘hands’ storage and it should still be possible to get naked, rag clothes would only give a few more slots to take food, medicine, etc.

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Make it a server setting:

  1. Players spawn with clothing (true/false)
  2. The clothing that players spawn with (if 1=true, can be modified and changed)
  3. Durabiity/other modifiers of the clothes that players spawn with (if 1=true and 2 is set)

Problem solved, compromise reached.


I think having some simple jeans and t shirt on spawn would do. They could be starter clothes that yeild only 1 cloth rag and have not too much space.

I like a good challenge in my game and usually don’t like things just handed to me in games but jeans and a t shirt with 2x3 or 3x3 storage would do just fine, if people really want to respawn over and over to rip up there clothes for cloth they can waste there time lol.

DayZ is considered a hard game and it at least gives you some clothes and a fruit.


It should depend on the difficulty.

@ReallyAR I like your idea of civilian clothes and @Aj_Gaming’s idea of worn clothes. Easy difficulty your clothes shouldn’t be that worn out while on Hard Mode it’s pretty much just hung together by a few threads if I were to refer to it as that. That’s on top of @Aden’s idea of true and false spawn with clothes.

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I think the very least players could start with a unique set of clothing:

  • Worn T-Shirt
  • Ragged Pants
  • Old Shoes

Basically they’re dumbed-down versions of existing clothing with severely reduced armor with no inventory space. The only purpose they serve is minimal form of warmth (If temperature system exists) and enough scrap materials for a bandage (Rags).

Optionally this could be incorporated into character customization by providing options for t-shirt/pants starting color, otherwise it should be random.


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I personally like spawning without clothing in various survival games. But, part of that is just there’s really no circumstances in U3 where you need to scrap your shirt to make bandages, even when you’re just starting out. So you’ve gotten free damage reduction, and a bit of inventory space.

For people who play on singleplayer in U3 and spawn with clothing, even with the civilian loadout you’re never going to use something like prison clothes (except as a cloth source).

Some of that can be improved with the balance of individual items and loadouts themselves, but I think if there was to be clothing-on-spawn in U4, it might be good to implement it with considerations such as Yarr’s or AJ’s.

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Honestly no. Everyone spawning with the same clothes on like a uniform would be stupid. I like the idea of no clothes, then everyone ends up dressing a bit differently when they start off and you can see from a distance that people are different and look distinctive.

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I am a firm believer in nudity


Give em basic clothing they can do whatever with.
This isn’t some magical realm where you get born from the void as a naked bambi.


why would they all wear the same clothes though? is it a magical realm where you get born from the void in a mysterious void uniform?

isn’t finding and looting for basic civilian clothes like, a thing in Unturned that you do when you spawn in? why give them to you already? I don’t like that

Doesn’t have to be the same. One thing I could see being neat would be to give players a choice between skillsets that actually mattered. Most servers don’t use Loadouts but I can see your skillset allowing you to spawn with very basic starting gear depending on the servers settings.

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I guess. But why even have it, if it’s going to suck anyway? I like the idea of spawning naked at a beach or in a field. the story behind your character is a mystery, ambiguous and stuff. As if you woke up naked in a random location with no idea who you were or how you got there, and then you build up from there. It’s not like you start off with anything else that provides an indication of your backstory, and I don’t think you should. When spawning in with clothes based on skillset was added to vanilla 3.0 I didn’t really like that either.

Even if they’re not the same there will still be people with identical clothes that chose the same skillset. And if character customization is added well… the clothes would probably look crappy. And if they barely served any purpose (adding miniscule storage space or whatever) and intentionally were shit to provide incentive to loot for better clothes, then why add them at all? Items can be stored in the hands slot.

I think there’s a sort of charm in spawning in naked, like you have literally nothing, and the main objective is to get things. so like, why even spawn in with things?

You know what, those are great points. unless you server is running with a sot of RP theme or whatever I can see why you’d prefer no clothes.