Air Traffic Control Towers

A little in-game event idea I had in class today. You know how airports have those towers with the glass windows all around?


Yeah, yeah, those ones. What I was thinking is, players can go to these areas and, once power has been restored, they can collect information on incoming airdrops.

To balance this out, I was thinking that players only get one fragment of information on the drop every time they initiate the event, either the time, location, or contents. In addition, maps should only have up to two airports with these towers, to ensure that in order to obtain all three fragments of information they have to do the event at least twice.

Oh, right, and Turned also rush the tower once the event’s begun, so that’s also a thing.

Let me know what you think about this idea.


Perhaps other types of events for places as well? Say perhaps you restore power to the subway, and divert the trains to non obstructed tracks, you could have a partially working subway system?

And perhaps if you power up the radio towers you can receive distress signals from survivors, where you can either find the dead survivor and some loot, or a survivor to add to your town or a town.

Notes perhaps with these 2, when you first power them up, a horse will attack. (perhaps you could use the subway trains and fire at zombies as they chase after it?)

I dunno.


I thought this was going to be really stupid, like needing it to coordinate player travels. (I’d change the name)

It actually reminds me of a post I put ages ago, I like the idea

I’d think that instead of knowing the contents or anything, they can use the radar that displays the flight path and possibly the drop zone. This might also be able to work for viewing other player’s location. Using radar also means military bases can be useful sources, with the possibility that they are better in some way (accuracy or some other metric.)


Could probably also use the radar (if the radar and display still works) on the tower to monitor the air traffic of the whole map in general, thus players who are flying vehicles where the radar can pick them up are spotted.

It’s not unlikely that electronic equipment would procedurally get damaged or go missing though, so it’s probably not only a matter of powering the thing, but getting the thing working in the first place.
And then once you get it working: nothings stopping a player from coming and breaking it again.

It would be a lot more useful if the tower could communicate with the aircraft to request change to its drop location, it would probably attract loads of player attention no matter where it’s dropped.
The drop zone should be limited to clearings and flatter areas, I don’t think the charitable individuals would be dropping the supplies where they could get stuck in trees, or damaged by rolling down hills and falling.


IMO this would be extremely OP unless the players were flying aircraft themselves


nah, this seems kinda dumb. Also, we’re not sure if airdrops are even going to be a thing, and also, why would there be information surrounding airdrops (which we assume are humanitarian aid) at abandoned civilian airports? Whoever is going to be dropping these supplies (humanitarian organization like the coalition or equivalent) would not need to speak over radio (who would they be speaking to? presumably they just drop the supplies and go back to wherever their base of operations is). The only thing they’d say (if anything at all) is a confirmation that they’d taken off okay, and that they’d dropped the package. All information as to where the next location would be would be determined by the people at the base of operations.

Presuming they use the same radio equipment that airports use, you can just use a regular handleld radio to listen to that. If the humanitarian organization was to give a callout with details as to where they’d give the next package, then they’d announce that over normal radio, as a callout to all survivors in the area. So you’d just use a normal radio to listen to that.

So I don’t see what form of information could be acquired at abandoned, disused civilian airports. You wouldn’t need any form of specialised radio equipment to listen to that, aside from a regular radio.


And why would zombies “rush the tower”? This makes no sense. I don’t see why they’d do that.

but how would that work? Radar is used to determine where planes are going, right? Not where they will drop a package in the future. Time travelling radar?

I meant that it shows where players are if they’re in aeroplanes.

/shrug I guess it’s not important to know where the packages are being dropped. If they go in straight paths like 3.0 I guess radar would be a good tool to see where a package could be dropped.

I think it would be nice if the information that you get is random, sometimes you would not get any info, other times you might get 1 fragment of info and sometimes multiple ones.

Because simply listening to the radio would be too easy. If anything the contents can be really omitted because that doesn’t make sense, but the rest is pretty plausible given that air traffic control towers are responsible for controlling radar, so the time and estimated location of an airdrop plane could be triangulated based on the plane’s flight path.

This’ll be easy, while also shadow buffing Turned. Just make it so that Turned are not only attracted to sound, but also to electromagnetic radiation, meaning zombies spawn more in deadzones and are attracted to light and radio traffic.


I would actually enjoy this as well as the radar suggestion , if you built your base near it, ATC towers could help secure your own airspace from any potentials raiders .

eh, I still don’t really like this idea. It’d still be kinda OP, and then having zombies “rush the tower” solely for the purpose of countering it would just be overcomplicated for a very small feature that people probably wouldn’t even use.

I don’t even think airdrops should be a thing in II, and if they are they should only contain items to counter zombies (radiation meds, or some kind of anti-venom), food and drink (MRE) and medical supplies.


Precisely why I would like to see different types of airdrops, ranging from humanitarian ones to military ones.

Why would “military airdrops” logically be a thing? that would be kinda too OP I think, because you have free guns and ammo literally falling from the sky.

Also, why would they be dropping stuff in the first place? Giving humanitarian supplies such as food and medical supplies would be logical, because they’re dropping them to survivors, to survive. It wouldn’t be overpowered, because it’s medical equipment and food for you to survive, not guns to kill players with. Also, aren’t guns and ammo supposed to be rarer in II? So having weapons falling from the sky would probably go against that.

Well in a world where the turned have taken over you still need to protect yourself, and sinc the turned hopefully are a lot stronger and more dangerous guns might sometimes be the best defense against them in a fight or die situation.

I do get what you mean, but I don’t think they should not be included in the game sinc I’m sure there is a sweet spot for them.


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