Airdrop call

So in UI , planes randomly dropped their package on specifics areas and returned base , however , in Unturned II , this could be different , when the airdrop plane appear in the sky , you could use a flare gun and the plane would go drop the package near .
However if you don’t use the flare gun, the plane will continue and randomly drop a package on the map


that’s awesome

Like in Just Cause?

Or for exmple you could use flares or listen to radio where the location of the airdrop will be.

hopefully it doesnt drop on the flare or it will be op if someone is just in their base. It should drop by the area but not on the flare


Maybe the plane will have a drop accuracy(the accuracy of the drop means that the box can be dropped i na certain area and not on a point)

Flare guns will have other uses, such as distracting the Turned (potentially), or finding friends (Map markers should be removed).

So I think having this be another one of it’s uses wouldn’t work; as multiple flares fired at the same time in a server could break the airdrop, and having a drop come close to your base doesn’t sound balanced.

I think leaving it as randomized is the best option atm.


I think it can be balanced in one way or another and i dont think many flares will break the airdrop, it could just respond to the first one fired or the one that is closest to it

That still guarantees that a player will get a special delivery to their front door if they fire off a flare, I just don’t want airdrops to be randomly claimed by people before it lands.

I think a special flare that is super rare would be good, and that calls an airdrop at a nearby location, also the airdrop should only be able to be called in every irl hour or so, prehaps a setting for how long.

Rarity won’t be the balancing factor here with the Flare gun; and also having one every hour may also be too frequent, balancing for frequency can be tricky, but we don’t want to just hand out supplies to players.

It could only go to the nearest set location for an airdrop to spawn, also player summoned airdrops could contain less of diffent supplys.

Still, just calling in an Airdrop at any point so long as you have the flare gun seems a bit unbalanced to me, just having supplies delivered to the nearest location makes things too easy.

Even if you want to make this a high tier item, what would be the point of calling in low tier stuff that wouldn’t really have much of a use?

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Idk but i still think it would be a cool feature. Prehaps best on a really hard map where you might stave to death. Remember it will be a surivial game and in them all loot is eventually useful, even late game.

Potentially, but what would be the point of an Airdrop then if it didn’t contain above average loot?

Think of this, your character is dying of starvation and with no bullets and too weak to loot a town, this could save you from dying and give you enough food and am I for a few days. You wouldn’t be able to farm these as there would be a timer between each call, and btw an hour is a long time for some gamers. And the beacon could be rare.

That’s the rub, in any case where you would die, it can be prevented; besides, players will implement stealth to sneak around town and steal the supplies they need, you don’t need ammunition for a blade.

Near what?

This slightly reminds me of that thread about calling airdrop via walkie talkie with a 0.1% chance.

Also not to mention that airdrop-calling flare sounds rather absurd. At least imo.

The absurdity of it kinda depends on whether it’s flares redirecting supply planes as OP suggested or flares summoning supply planes as was later suggested. Another possible implementation I’ve thought of would be that shooting a flare wouldn’t summon a new air drop or reroute the current one, instead firing a flare while an NPC plane is overhead would make the position of the flare into a potential landing zone for the next air drop, this way you wouldn’t be turning compact and common flares into instant and guaranteed piles of loot. Some other ways it could be balanced is by not allowing all sizes, (12-gauge, 37 mm etc.) colors, (white, white, infrared, color changing pyrotechnics, etc.) or types, (plain flares, parachute flares, cluster flares, etc.) of flares to have an impact airdrops.