Walkie talkie needs some reworkie

Ah, the Walkie Talkie.
The idea of it are very clever. Yet using a group chat is alot better.

Seriously tho. It’s somewhat useless. Only good in roleplaying, and a 2x1 waste of space… kinda sad.

So I suggested that in 4.0 you should be able to receive random encounters.

Before you judged. I wanted to tell you that no, you still be able to use it to talk with you friend.

So, you pick up a walkie talkie. Suddenly there’s a very very silght chances that you’ll receive a signal. It could be from a passive NPC or a bandit NPC trying to lure you.

The interface of it should be like talking to a regular NPC. With a choice of “Hi” “I’m going to murder you” or “pull off

Maybe the NPC can tell you where they’re going to be in the “calculated date” (1 to 3 days) it could be passive, trader or bandit… or more.

Maybe you can called that NPC to come to the nearest marked locations. I don’t know.

(Also there’s a chances you can call for airdrop. But lets put a chances of that at 1/1,000)

Any thoughts?


Better then what the Walkie Talkie is now, picking up signals is an interesting idea, maybe you can even find things distress signals.


I’d like to see something towards comms signals in RimWorld, where there are all sorts of events based around you receiving a transmission from an unknown person.

All sorts of possibilities open up, like negotiating a shady deal at a rendezvous point, or picking up a distress signal, or even events where you are potentially lured into a trap/ambush of sorts.

Also, just for extra immersion, the Walkie Talkie could have added effects such as very vague static and frantic talking (albeit with too much interference to hear clearly), or making that beep sound during transmission.

Since 4.0 is going towards a more dark and scary setting,there could also be disturbing messages and transmissions from survivors getting attacked by the “Turned”.
Here’s an example:

"Please someone help,there were 4 of us but now there’s only me left.We got attacked by…uhh…I dunno how to describe them,but they’re coming,and fast!My position is…what the?!
AAAAAHHHHHHGHH…AAAAHGRRHHH(gutting noises)(noises from the turned)(static).

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Personally I think survivors should’ve known what the infected is by the time that you’re playing the game. It’s not like the first week of the outbreak. But yeah that’s good.

Yeah,but we do not have confirmed information of when the game is set.

i go propose a rework see if you agree.

Realy a walktalkie have very utility to communicate (lol he is made for this) with other players why no to agroup a plan to a atack a “zurg base”, call a airdrop?? i believe best no, or use a exelent argument to convence me.

What i propose

  • Walktalkie go have a hud with
  • Go show all peoples with a walktalkie when you click in nick of people you call for a song like a cellphone.
  • Go show all peoples calling to you in a hud in lateral

  • A place to create groups (very peoples in just one chanel)
  • In the part to create grops local to place

-Name of group
-Passworld (Spam group passworld go kill you)

  • And a public room open to all

I wasn’t said that you will always get a random encounter, (Hence the word random)

The walkie talkie still be able to use like in 3.0, To talk with your real teammates. created a specific signal. ETC.

However as for the “attack a zucc base” I’m not sure if nelson will going to make passive NPC helped you raided others. I already stated that you can call for airdrop, but with a chances of 1/1,000 to prevent spamming.

As for the HUD. I stated that it should works as talking with an NPC. Not like pip boy. (altho having a list of whom you’ve contacted in the past seems nice.)
And no. A walkie talkie is not an MP3 player.

(Sorry if I gets your words wrong.)

why no add a function to walktalkie

the function to understand the mecanisms on future like into when go rain, snow, time of X days to a airdrop, why no a AI Helicopter Atack coming in a time X?

walking with a walkie talkie is good in my opinion to know things in the future do not to talk with npcs (or just hear him this dont make sence in jogability)

besides its function in 3.0 logic

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