Airdrop call

Idk but i still think it would be a cool feature. Prehaps best on a really hard map where you might stave to death. Remember it will be a surivial game and in them all loot is eventually useful, even late game.

Potentially, but what would be the point of an Airdrop then if it didn’t contain above average loot?

Think of this, your character is dying of starvation and with no bullets and too weak to loot a town, this could save you from dying and give you enough food and am I for a few days. You wouldn’t be able to farm these as there would be a timer between each call, and btw an hour is a long time for some gamers. And the beacon could be rare.

That’s the rub, in any case where you would die, it can be prevented; besides, players will implement stealth to sneak around town and steal the supplies they need, you don’t need ammunition for a blade.

Near what?

This slightly reminds me of that thread about calling airdrop via walkie talkie with a 0.1% chance.

Also not to mention that airdrop-calling flare sounds rather absurd. At least imo.

The absurdity of it kinda depends on whether it’s flares redirecting supply planes as OP suggested or flares summoning supply planes as was later suggested. Another possible implementation I’ve thought of would be that shooting a flare wouldn’t summon a new air drop or reroute the current one, instead firing a flare while an NPC plane is overhead would make the position of the flare into a potential landing zone for the next air drop, this way you wouldn’t be turning compact and common flares into instant and guaranteed piles of loot. Some other ways it could be balanced is by not allowing all sizes, (12-gauge, 37 mm etc.) colors, (white, white, infrared, color changing pyrotechnics, etc.) or types, (plain flares, parachute flares, cluster flares, etc.) of flares to have an impact airdrops.

Near the location from which the flare was launched , in a certain range ( like 50 meters around ? )

That might be a good idea .

Initially , the idea was that once a airdrop plane spawn , the first one to use a flare gun will redirect the plane which will airdrop it’s crate toward the flare was launched .
The package could land in a range of 50 meters from where the flare was launched .

or even just that when an airdrop plane is flying over the map and sees a flare it could just drop the airdrop immediatly, then players that arent that geared have a chans to get a hold on the airdrop supplyes if they have a flair gun and are quick, that would make flairguns usfull but calling in a airdrop just by using it randomly might be a little op but i still think it could work depending on how its made

Where plane spawns? Because map is a bit larger than area where you can go (invisible walls at the end of walkable part of map). If plane spawns outside, it may drop crate behind invisible wall, outside of anyone’s reach. Players may threw flare with griefing purpose or totally for other reason but in the wrong time, as flares can be thrown for fun (“SHINYYYYYYYYYYY!”/“PARTY TIME!”) or to take away zombies attention (“BLARGHSHINYYYYYYYYYBLARGHBLARGH!”) [throw flare near the group of zombies, then throw another one nearby and watch :3 ].

I dont think nelson is that dumb that he would make airdrops drop outside of the playzone, and distracting zombies by throwing flares or bottle to make noice and get zombies away frome you could be a good an usfull tactic

Hm, the current 3.x system is good enough.
Crate drop nearby (radius up to 50 meters from ->) flare is better than immidiate drop when plane’s “pilot” sees flare. Moar logic.
But what will you do when 30 players suddenly threw 150 flares? Only first flare count, rest is ignored by game? Well, what about using flares indoors (to light up dark area [although even very-underground areas {not even mentioning about regular house cellars} are lightened by daylight falling through walls and floor/ceiling])?

Better leave this as it is now. Track plane (also with binoculars/scope), then head nearby drop-place. Healthy “who first” + less healthy “who survives” competition that may develop your diplomacy skills (although even the greatest diplomacy will not help you if you’re unarmed ;3 [as long as you will fall into bandit-like character {and i’m not talking about NPCs}]).

P.S. Flare-out zombies tactic IS (not could) useful, it exist in 3.x already.
Is it good tactic? You can always melee out zombies one by one, not even trying to be sneaky (and save flares to craft colourful torches [looks great for disco room + you can attach from the inside of car to make “neons”, as light is not stopped by walls, ceiling/roof or objects in general]).

really dude? its nearly impossible to make friends in games nowadays. If someone saw a flare then that’s like saying, HEY COME OVER AND KILL ME. No one is friendly.

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I meant when you are already in a call with a friend, since player’s names will no longer show up on the map or when you are in proximity, there has to be another way of finding your friends.

You are correct though, almost no one is friendly in survival games such as these.

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I think that it’s tied to the game’s difficulty. I have never seen KOS on a hard server.

I think that this is a great idea. I mean some might say its imbalanced but u risk people seeing it. I do like the radio call idea though. Maybe you could set up a communications array (I talked about this in my reply to the lucifer effect post) and not only could u use it to communicate it with players but also in a sense with the “coalition” or whomever the “good guys” are in UII/ whoever is providing aid.

I think player summoned airdrops should be smaller and have less, but still players should be able to call in airdrops.

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