Already dead corpses

Just a little suggestion.
I think this could be cool in certain places, you will find locations littered with corpses which you can loot, and loot spawns and respawns on them.

Alternatively, the corpses could be spawns themselves, which would despawn and respawn randomly around locations, just like regular loot spawns.


Yeah its a good idea, there could be different tiers of them depending on what kind of loot they contain. So finding a dead corpse could sometimes be a jackpot in tearms of gear and items.


It’s interesting but I don’t think it needs to be a part of the base game. Inventory assets already can be added to a map (the safe). It would not be very hard for someone to make this as a mod that could be included on a curated project.


This was already suggested, sort of.

But I think if corpses will be added they should be quite rare.

I think that’s a good idea now, if there are too many bodies, maybe the loot should be low.

But would they be edible?


Oh god don’t bring that back, Harvest


Oh sorry, I’ll stop directing attention towards eating corpses the hilarious thread where we discussed the zany idea of eating corpses which I am in no way recommending people pay attention to, but I won’t say that they wouldn’t enjoy reading the thread called eating corpses.

But if anyone is curious about that thread, here's a link to it:

Eating corpses


Well I guess it would depend on how fresh the corpse is.

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So, basically it’s a fancier way to get loot instead of those apocalypse fairies.

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i think a few random corpses might be alright, but they should be very rare, and not just in spot all the time (maybe there could be a bunch of predetermined locations, but only 1 or 2 at a time would actually have a corpse. I certainly don’t think that official maps need them littered around

Good idea, it would fit.

Underrated comment

I love this idea, I think it makes the game less lonely if you’d be playing in single player. I definitely don’t think that these should be very common though.

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Nice username, sounds like you would enjoy the famed Eating Corpses thread. A good read

but yes I don’t think they should be everywhere, but in quarantine locations/hospitals they would be good to see, piles of bloody corpses and some bloodstains on the walls/floors would fit the game quite well. Would be cool for horde mode also.

Eh, there should be rotting corpses in places around the map, not just hospitals and quarantined zones or similar places.

It makes sense that you would find a corpse in a house that was too beaten/eaten to become a turned, or they offed themselves with a gun.

Or even zombie corpses around the map that people would have killed (well, lore wise)

Hell, even corpses of people who fell off a roof or cliff or other high place.

It’s kinda stupid to only have them in places that are meant to be creepy. Sure, there should be a larger amount in those areas, but not just in those areas.

You get what I’m saying?

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Im actually working on a mod to add this to unturned 3.0

i’m not saying only in those places, just that’s where they’d usually be seen. Some corpses generally around towns, houses and roadways would be good too

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