Random corpses

While exploring locations you may stumble across a dead body of a survivor with minimal loot (Clothing worn unobtainable? or high chance of a low durability version). Would contain basic survival items in small quantities with average durability/condition. They pretty much act like a fresh corpse aside from being semi-permanent and aren’t affected by ragdoll. Permanent corpses can be used for quest related purposes (Pretty much they’re container objects)

Corpse’s skin tone can vary from normal skin color to zombified skin. Zombies could spawn pretending to be a corpse where a zed corpse would spring up to attack you by surprise if close enough or interacted with.

By locations I mean any place with a building or some sort of structure, just to make looting interesting.


I would like to see this in unturned II and i think the loot should depend mostly on the location , if you find the corpse in a military base he could maybe even have a damaged pistol with a few rounds or a half empty mag

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This would actually be really cool, it adds “realism” to the zombie theme.

mini dayz Intensifies

Anywho, this would be fun. Would make the character stay on their toes at a times.

Side note: make the corpses just spawn randomly and next to all over the place (well, in towns and near places where people would have been a lot, such as roads), but make the ones with loot rather rare. The reasoning is that you could get used to the corpses as you walk by them, and not notice if there was one more… Waiting to jump up at you…

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Mini dayz is shit, you have to eat every 30 seconds and the zombies run at your speed, when one sees you they all attack at once.
Don’t say the dread game name.


Oh hey I made a post like this!
Should I link it, perhaps?

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Is it this one? Zombie Feasts

Yeah it sounds similar. Could say my post is a reimagining of it. :wink:


Actually they don’t all attack at once, zombies will be alerted to your presence if they see another zombie chasing after you.

Also, it’s a pretty decent game. Don’t say a game sucks because you suck at it.

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I’m a bit late, but I think that random corpses would be a great idea.

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Good suggestion, pondfisher would have exceptions though if I remember.

Zombies running as fast as you, being super tough (for zombies) and you need to eat every minute in a day.

Let’s make it like this: The map maker can set a random loot table for interactable objects, like chests, or a completely new thing like random corpses. If the map maker would want to make a random corpse appear, they could model a corpse and set up a loot table for it.

This makes no sense, don’t mention it lol

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Kinda what a hardcore survival game is.

Kinda like how unturned is going to be.

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If I had to eat every 2 mins in a game regardless of how little or much I did I would put the game down, like food isn’t common, it’s rare. That and you can’t outrun the zombies without crossing the entire map. If that is unturned 2. Well I would burn it down…
I really hope I don’t have to run one kilometre each time a zombie sees me.

Eh, I never really had a problem with the food. I’m pretty sure you’re exaggerating.

Though, I suggest you try playing on a easier difficulty than trying to play hard difficulty on the first try. If of course that’s what is causing you to have so much trouble.

Idk, prehaps the mobile version is just crap, I haven’t played the actual game. I though they were the same.

Tbh the online version is a lot better. But I prefer mobile as you can play it offline

I think corpses of dead actual players shouldn’t despawn for a long time as they pose as a storage to hold their old loot. When they’re dead, the corpse’s storage can be called “x’s corpse” and replace x with their ingame name. Maybe even a type of decay showing their body fading out, becoming dirty, etc to signify how recently they died.

So maybe, on top of of that, randomly generated corpses that don’t have names but have random loot (obviously nothing OP), like an outfit and melee weapon and supplies and a pistol every once in awhile.


Yeah that’s a great idea, it also means that we don’t see loads of items scattered all over the ground causing frame issues for lower-end PCs when I a large battle.

Yeah, also makes it easier to loot a person you kill without having to sift through their items.