Zombie Feasts

You see in movies and TV shows where it’s peeking around corners and you see a handful of zombies, around 4-6 of them, feasting on the corpse of a dead player or just a random dead body. Not only, do I think this as a way of fighting zombies more harder to control, but it could also be a more difficult way to acquire loot from bodies, depending on the corpse. If it’s the body of a player then you can pick up there stuff after ridding the zombies, of course. Or if it’s a random dead body, the zombies just happen to be eating, then you would find common weapons like knives or an empty handgun. The reason being the handgun was empty would make sense to how they met their demise. And the cost of looting corpses, that were torn apart by zombies, can depend on how long the body was being eaten. If it wasn’t long before you come along then there would be a big chance the corpse would turn and attack you, they would be moderately stronger than the average zombie, but you can get all the loot, as long you don’t use guns on it :wink:. If it was, let’s say more than ten minutes, the corpse wouldn’t turn but it loses some of its loot and decreases durability on weapons. I know, I find it hard to believe a zombie would ignorantly munch on a grenade or chew on the barrel of a gun but still, there must be stakes. Tell me what you think, I couldn’t find any topics like this, hence why I made it.:thinking:


zombie finds gun clink clink clink.


Also I think this is planned

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