Ambience ost storm!

I was about making this whole thing as a comment for this post, but I got so inspired and inmersed within the idea that I just brought lots of content and decided to make it into an entire post.

I brought a list with my personal suggestions of ambience OST from 3 games that can be taken as references to enhance inmersion, so this selection includes ambience for both calm and tension situations; also I want to suggest:

  • Calm OST to start at least once a day, on a night/day transition, on a season transition, also for large locations transitions and/or as background in spooky or dangerous locations.
  • Tension OST to start when in extreme danger situations: a big horde after you, a long firefight or an intense raid or horde siege, etc.

WARNING: very long OST selection. Please take your time to listen and forge a solid opinion.

And also something alike this one for when player is infected

This whole theme has been discussed plenty of times, but I had to give my 2 cents sooner or later.
For this whole contribution to be a reality, maybe Nelson could accept help from the community just like he did for the loading screens’ update contest, so everything doesn’t just fall upon his shoulders. If anyone has a better idea, please comment.

I gotta be honest with all you guys, I really love the games from which I got the soundtrack. Please let me know your thoughts!

  • I liked all the sounftracks; these are great and well fitting!
  • I liked most of the soundtracks; I’d change a few of these
  • I liked some of the soundtracks; many of them aren’t of my taste
  • I didn’t like any of the soundtracks; let’s stick to another style

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I’m still on the fence about any sort of “soundtrack” within the game, simply because it’s very difficult to have the certain ones play when they’re designed. The games you took the sounds and styles from have very clear cut stories and goals within them, allowing the developer to have complete control over what happens, when it happens, where it happens, why it happens, and how it happens. Meanwhile Unturned is very “freeform”; no one is sticking to any particular storyline, the player is free to create his own story. There are also many RNG values that affect things like zombie spawns, special events, etc. The game is going to have to figure out a bunch of different variables to make sure the player is actually in a tense situation and should be playing the “tense” soundtrack. These things make it difficult to have consistent, effective ambient music that doesn’t suddenly break immersion.

Regardless, I do like many of the song choices you made and that sort of style would certainly be interesting to have in game if properly and effectively implemented.


Yes. Commit.

TLS:UC was a great game, but I feel it was wayyy to linear, and to be honest the soundtrack wasn’t that great. What was awesome though was that sudden noise that would be triggered whenever a horde spawned, that was terrifying and exhilerating at the sam time.

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All of these sound great and set a really good ambience, but the thing is if these had an option to turn them off, I, and along with probably many others would turn it off, because at the end of the day being able to hear things like footsteps and other nosies is far more important, because sure setting a tone is important, but everyone likes to win fights and the like. So if this was to be implemented you would have to go all or nothing on it.

The way I would like to see this be done is in starter cities and the countryside there would only be natural ambient noise like birds chirping and leaves rustling and the like to give a empty deserted feel, but further (north?) in more dangerous and irradiated areas,chilling ambient music like the ones you provided.

First of all, I want to remind everyone here that all OST brought here has just been taken as examples, centered on the sound style and acoustics; these are all merely referential as inspiration for new original ambience OST for UII.

@n3rfcr4zy5 there are many sandbox and open world games that can play their OST’s properly on according situations. Also yeah, the games I took as examples has objectives and a line to follow, and that’s why I prefer the TLS: UC and TLS2 ambience style, which sounds almost everytime (which I’d not like, as I said b4) and doesn’t break inmersion at all; the only situational ambience sound is a crazy guitar riff for when a random horde comes, which I really hated as it was so annoying and was actually the only inmersion-breaking thing (@RedCo sorry bud).

Also, the variables I mentioned above seemed quite simple for me, as I’ve seen it working properly on many games, not just these 3, and said so many times… What I’d like to mainly implement is the overall acoustic style.

@anon67155151 I suggested that OST’s doesn’t sound ALL the time, just on certain cases, and for brief moments (never longer than 1 min). I didn’t stated it on the post, but I’d also like them to sound with certain tenuousness, so you can hear everything else with no problems (another reason I liked TLS series OST the most).

And at alst, I could list in a comment the names of every single OST + a right situation for it, so you can listen again and maybe change your minds. Your call :+1:

i think for ambience just sounds would be better

Big fan of the Last Stand series and Killing Floor.

I definitely think the soundtrack in the Last Stand games definitely helped bring an unnerving environment which helped immersion (at least a little).

This is one of those features I don’t care if it doesn’t make it into the base game, but I would most definitely want to see the option for players to set up ambience for their maps if nothing else.

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