Ammo calibers and how Nelson wants to improve the survival aspect of the game

In Unturned 2 and 3 the guns had each their magazines, a magazine for the colt, a magazine for the cobra, a magazine for the ace, etc. You couldn’t use the same mag for very similar guns, yet they were all loaded with the same civilian ammo box.

Nelson wants to improve the survival aspect, and one way of tying the gunplay with the survival is to implement different calibers, so if you are using a Colt chambered in .45ACP and you find a magazine for another .45 gun that you don’t have, instead of carrying a useless mag or leaving it you could get the ammo out and use the bullets on what you already have, or have a situation in which you have a Cobra (which I believe is a Glock, so 9mm) but you don’t have the correct ammo, so you gotta scavenge more.

The calibers could be:
9mm and .45ACP for the civilian weapon calibers like Cobra, Colt, and SMGs, and Pistol Caliber Carbines.
.357Magnum for the heavy hitting civilian weapons like the Ace, and who knows, maybe add in a Winchester rifle.
5.56 and .308 for most medium caliber rifles like the Maplestrike or the Heartbreaker
.50BMG for the heavy hitting rifles like the Timberwolf
And 12Gauge Buckshot and Slug for all shotguns

Having realistic calibers could also lead to having different bullet penetration systems, which could add yet another interesting system for combat, but that’s discussin for another topic. Any comments?


i mean…i think he’s doing this already

also the timberwolf takes .338 lapua and .308 is a full sized rifle cartridge while 5.56 is an intermediate one so might wanna watch out there


When a person with the name whistleblower teaches you how guns work… xD

?? He’s a helluva lot more reputable than a good 75% of people here.


This seems like it would be a really cool idea, and It would defiantly add to the survival aspect of 4.x

I like the way rust handles ammo but I doubt that’s how unturned is going to have it

Taking ammo out of magazines was always something I looked forward to. Spam clicking to refill your mags only to end up filling a mag of a weapon you dropped somewhere in the town a mile away and adding more ammo would help with survival as you actually would have to keep an eye out for a specific ammo type. I usually travel with a Civilian secondary and a Military/Ranger primary. New ammo types would allow more diversity when it comes to weapon choice.

This works to a point, the colt is not designed to be a good gun but the scalar is, the scalar takes the same ammo though, so does the colt get buffed into viability or does it end up being like the 3.0 mechanic where guns that take different ammo irl take the same ammo

The Scalar has a longer barrel, longer magazine, and more recoil negation, than the 1911, so it would still be more powerful. Neither is really getting buffed or nerfed, they might be added into a new version of the game, with its own balancing.

I think that in early 4.x most guns will use the same 3 or 4 cartridges, but as the amount of weapons and the amount of receivers for those weapons increases, more cartridges will be added. For example the first version of the zubeknakov might have 5.56 NATO receiver, because 5.56 NATO is already in the game, but as more Soviet weapons get added, he may introduce a new more standard receiver chambered in 5.45 or 7.62 Russian ammunition.

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This is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on here. Nelson will just release both the Zubek and 7.62 later in beta when they’re both complete. It’s the same methodology he’s been doing in 3.0 since release. Later on he might do conversion kits but this is just silly to consider as a base weapon.


Though you have to admit than a Zubek using 5.56 would be a nice addition later in development.

Why start with adding a whole new cartridge, magazines, etc, when 5.56 is already in-game?

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…because it’s what Nelson did when 3.0 was first released. He made the Zubek take Ranger ammo even though Milli ammo already existed. All it takes is an extra half hour of work to design and code all of that. He’s most definitely not going to make the Zubek take 5.56 in 4.0 simply because it existed before and he’s too lazy to design more than one ammo type. There’s a good chance that we’ll see a bit more than just the Eaglefire and G19 or other NATO-ish guns.


I mean, eventually there would be a 7.62×39 mm or 5.45×39 mm receiver no matter what. If I were Nelson I wouldn’t rush to introduce new cartridges when the guns in 4.x could have their recievers exchanged. Regardless it’s Nelson’s game, he can do whatever he wants regardless of any bickering we do on this forum.

you realize if he added a zubeknakov he’d have to add a new receiver and magazine for it anyways, right? if he has to do THAT, why the hell wouldn’t he just add the 7.62x39 round with it? it is LITERALLY pointless, and it’s COMPLETELY against nelson’s work ethic.


It’s not pointless to add a 5.56 receiver for the Zubeknakov into the game, and until other 7.62 or 5.45 guns get added it would be pointless to introduce that cartridge into the game. Did you notice that when Nelson tested the Eaglefire there were dozens of 5.56 drums laying about? Imagine that except for three or four different noninterchangeable magazines.

by that logic, the zubeknakov having ranger magazines/drums was completely pointless until russia came out.

not only that, but the only AK(s) that can take 5.56 DON’T EVEN TAKE STANAG MAGAZINES TO BEGIN WITH


It’s okay because I’m sure he saw a cool image on the internet about a STANAG AK once and he knows that at least one exists therefore hundreds and thousands exist and would be fine in a more realistic version of Unturned /s

I can’t find good information on all of these, but there are a lot of different 5.56 AKs including the type 56-4, type 84S, T03, T03A, EM3513, EM3513A, SA M-5, SLR- 106, AK-101, AK-101M, AK-102, AK-102M AK-108, AEK-972.

Well, it would appear that the AK-47/AK-74 are not on that list.

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