An addition to a suggested mechanic in 4.0

If Lightning strikes are added, please include Lightning Rods to reduce the likelyhood of getting struck when in it’s area of effect. Not only will this create a use for scrap in early to late game (Other than storage), but would also Add a new item for base and personal protection.


Maybe they could be used to power or charge a battery?

I’m by no means an electrician, but I’m fairly sure it’d just obliterate any batteries or power generation items you got below it. Then again this is Unturned, so it’s not like we’re in Arma realism territory.

Yeah I wasn’t going for realism, especially in a game with self refueling petrol pumps etc. :thinking:

INB4 Nelson: “The Zombies refuel them when you don’t look

“but where do they get the fuel from?” :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

The ground… Duh :neutral_face:


Perhaps there could be a special “surge protecter/charger” item that you put batteries in, and it has to be attached to a lightning rod?

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