Animals, (and a little bit about npc towns)

Hopefully in 4.0 we will hunt animals more than we hunt other players. Here’s some ideas for animals though.

**_The Basics_**
  • you can usually tame an animal after feeding it or catching and keeping it in a place for a while.

  • zombies will attack animals if there are no people around

  • skinning animals and using a horse or vehicle to carry it back? (yes, these idea came from Red Ded 2)

  • if an animal is untamed, it will either attack you or run away.

  • animals that can attack other players/zombies for you?

  • can be used for storage if it’s an animal that will follow you.

  • energy bars that are used up as you use them for whatever reason (riding horses, going around with dogs, ex. ) if these energy bars run out, the animal will either die, or be uncooperative.

The “tame-able” Animals


These will probably be the hardest to tame (other than wolves and wild dogs). You need a saddle to ride them, or a makeshift one. These animals could be an alternate to cars if you can’t find any, and you can put makeshift armor on them.

Cows, sheep, and pigs (maybe chickens?)

These animals are usually skittish at the sight of a person, and will run off. If you can chase them into an enclosed area and spend a certain amount of time around them, and feed them, they won’t be so skitish, and it will become easier to take them and butcher/milk/shear them.

Wild Dogs.

These are dogs that for abandoned during the infection and survived. Usually if you can get them to trust you (ex. Not attacking them or saving them from a group of zombies. I dunno) they may start following you. Depending on size is how useful they are.


In order to tame wolves, you might have to kill off a pack, and take any that are younger than the others (ex. Smaller in size, tend to not start from groups) or you can painstakingly capture and adult, and spend quite a lot of time getting them to trust you, and training them.

Note: wolf packs will attack people who are by themselves, and can be pretty formidable.

untameable animals.

Hostile Animals


Just try to avoid them, they will attack you and can take quite a few bullets. Their pelts can be valuable though.

Some Wolves

These wolves will be noticeable different than other wolves, maybe they will be different colored, or be more hostile. They obviously can’t be tamed.

Male Deer/bucks

These Deer, if you chase after their herd long enough will eventually start charging you trying to chase you off. If you get hubby them it will do a ton of damage. But they are relatively easy to kill.

infected animals?

This is only an idea, most likely won’t be added to the game. Basically these are hostile versions of all animals that deal infection and physical damage. Their bodies will probably be pretty damaged, or have growths on them.

Passive Animals.


They travel in packs, and will run at the first sight or smell if you. They are usually easy to kill otherwise, and their meat if relatively valuable.

Ducks and other birds.

Usually you just have to fire a shotgun into a flock of them, and you should get a few. Their feathers can be used to make arrows, and if they are large enough, you can eat them.

Pelts and Feathers

  • feathers can be used to make arrows, or sold at npc towns.

  • pelts can be stuffed, sold at now towns, or made into relatively warm clothes.

Npc Towns.


These areas will be in towns that aren’t floating (like the liberator). You can buy or sell trained horses there, or sell supplies to get a horse you have trained. You can also buy supplies to feed horses and other livestock.

General Stores"

These will be in most towns, and you can sell pelts, basic materials, and other stuff as well as buy the same things, plus some food.

Gun Stores

You can buy guns to use for fighting zombies, or buy guns for hunting animals. You can also buy ammunition(though in some cases it can cost more than the guns themselves) as well as high tier melee weapons. When buying ammunition you can see what guns you have that takebit, to make it easier to find the right ammo. (I am in support of a ton of different types of ammo. If you can tell what guns take them easily.)

Bars, and other placesbto find food and drink.

At bars, you can buy alcohol to make Molotovs, and use it to make medic supplies. At other places you can find food, as well as water and other drinks.

I’ll do another post more on the details of towns.


  • character leans forward when on a horse or motorcycle while it moves quickly

  • Possibly you would need a Lasso to catch certain animals (ex. Full grown wolves, horses, ect.)

  • train horses and dogs to come with a silent whistle or gesture?

  • you can only have 2 animal companions at a time, (ex. A dog and a horse, 2 dogs,
    2 horses. ) this excludes animals that you have caught and are bringing back to your base.

  • certain spots on the animal can do anywhere from a little bit of damage to double the damage (shooting the leg may slow it down, but will take a while to kill it, while the heart or head will kill it in 1 or 2 shots.)

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this post is made based on other topics, and ideas other people have had, as well as my own.


Coming to NPC Bar with ya friend be like: “Alright NPC’s, It’s ours bar now, so get the hell outta here” then you just shoot the hell outta these NPCs



Just going to drop some ideas

It would be cool/cute if when you abduct a puppy in order to tame it you could keep it in your bag, and it would just sort of sit there (with its head poking out) and grow of the course of a few hours before being ready to do whatever.

Also when you first tame a dog you shouldn’t be able to give it exact commands, and instead it would just follow you around and protect you, until you get a dog whistle which you can use to completely command it (example, left click go somewhere, right click attack something and other things like that)

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Image result for Putin riding a Bear

And they said you couldn’t ride a bear…


When someone suggests a list of animals for a game set in Canada, but doesn’t mention moose, beavers, or polar bears.

But in all seriousness, some smaller animals like squirrels, rats, rabbits, hares, beavers, otters, ferrets, wolverines, cats, or lynxes could definitely fill a role that seems unfilled.


I loved this topic but to simplify the domestication of wolves and dogs give a certain amount of food should suffice, ordinary dogs do not need much food to be tamed me now wolves need daily servings or a little a day they can only be fed one every day.

Taming wolves smells with minecraft.
But taming wolf by kidnapping a wolf cub after mass-murdering it’s parents and whole pack?


i would never kill animals in any game shape or form…

unless they come running at me with open jaws and blood curling howls

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taking towns over could be fun too. like killing the npc’s and making it your own

To everyone that suggested, I didn’t mention a lot of stuff because it would make the post too long, but I like the ideas! (and I really like the puppy in the bag xd <3)

Well when you put it that way…

It sounds better.

Hehe… Jk

Might be slightly excessive. But okay.

perhaps there could be hostile towns, that you could take over and they’d become colonized by friendly npc’s


Oh, look. AJ actually made a good topic!

Oh cmon, the other topic was good as well. Just disliked because of how difficult it would be to do.

British Grenadiers earrape

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yes hello? is there a doctor in the house? i lost my ears to grenades thrown in my ears.

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