Guess its my time to go


Lately Ive found no reason to stay. And its become obvious with the amount that Ive been inactive. Ive still watched from the shadows, but havent really interacted much.

I just have lost an interest in unturned, and I finished with the single goal I had lately. Saint Pete’s Island is probably lost forever. Ive also been in a weird mental state lately.

Who knows, maybe Ill be back. MAybe tomorrow, or maybe in a year. I dont know.

“so, you’ve reached the end of the road. a pair of cracked glasses and a dusty backpack filled with books and pencils is all that remains. Perhaps someone will come back for them, and perhaps they wont…”

and as I said, maybe ill be back… so im not going to delete this account.

Maybe ill be back tomorrow from habit, and comment…

and maybe I wont.

Heres a couple links to what I consider the best of my topics. Enjoy if you want, or dont. I dont care anymore.
Theres a few more, but I dont care anymore.

Thanks to everyone. If im back tomorrow, I owe you all 5 dollars if Im back in the next couple of days.

If you want to find me, see if Im somewhere on the Dead Ahead or Project Zomboid reddit pages.

Or comment on my steam.

Thanks for dealing with my bs for so long.

Thanks again!

Goodnight. Ill see you in the morning… Whenever that will be…

ps. Im kinda indesisive about posting this, because I wonder if Ill regret it.

If I change my mind, Ill let you all know.

Im going to remove the bookmark that I have for this page, just so I dont wander back, get ticked off at some stupid comment and then kinda ruin the entire thing xd.







ight imma head out

EDIT: Ight I’m finna back


That’s why your profile picture is grey.

I thought my computer had just consumed 43 cubic metres of berries.


I thought I had color inversion on my phone

hasta la vista


Don’t delete your account, we already lost too many survivors to the turned D:


Why is everyone leaving lately?
Well I guess it’s time to say goodbye :cry:

wait what, so we lost the chillest lad first, then mateo left, now aj? what in violet’s name is going on?


it wasn’t the turned that killed AJ
but greyscale killed him

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the world is burning, we’re losing regulars to the void at a record speed!

i don’t think anyone here would consider me as an actual regular but more as someone who just passes by and posts shit memes or unfunny replies, maybe someone has never ever done a single proper suggestion on the forums, or maybe even a hypocrite who has done all the things that he hates now. but yeah i’m leaving the same way too, just was looking for the perfect moment to tell people no attention seeking i swear and i don’t think it’s worth a loud bang like creating a whole thread about me leaving
thanks for standing out against anything i did wrong boys, it’s been a good run. i just don’t feel like being around anymore, there’s no reason to be around here, and i lost interest in unturned too. but the thing is i’m instantly teleporting back to the forum when there’s a public beta of unturned 2, so i don’t think it’s worth getting my account deleted too

i don’t think i will ever reappear back in the forum till then, but maybe yes, maybe no, i might miss being around here, suddenly prove myself wrong and reappear back in the forum since i’m not the best at quitting things i remember i quit youtube 20 times in a single year

i would really love to make a huge ass suggestion that is actually good for the game, but looking at how much attention it gets compared to memes and community drama, i don’t think it’s even worth it since nobody will ever actually read it and give feedback

my most liked reply and thread, if anyone actually cares

community drama hell yea: A basic post about the unneccessary spam on the forum, nothing to see here folks move on
A basic post about the unneccessary spam on the forum, nothing to see here folks move on

an actual suggestion, like wtf is this it’s not even above 40 words Breaking glass to distract zombies


:wave: :cry: @Aj_Gaming and @anon51670504


Sad to see you go, and other regulars leaving, but it is completely understandable - 4’s development is slow / years away from implementing all the suggestions, and 3 is kind of set in what it is aside from improving and building upon itself.

Perhaps it would help to have a public trello board with cards for the mega suggestion threads with summaries and how they will affect the course of development?


I’ll be backing this idea publicly.

If the rest of the forum community likes this idea, then I think it’d help to show how forum activity translates to the development, even if mostly conceptually / theoretically later on.

Functionally, a modernized version of the Wishlist trello board, but with the threads you’ve bookmarked/acknowledged in the past.


I’d definitely enjoy if Nelson went ahead and made a Trello board showing the transparency of what he’s currently working on and what’s being focused on next, because the Devlogs are few and far between when it comes to showing off the features of UII well. They’re good for showing what’s been done in a visual format but if I were to know what Nelson was working on at the moment, it’d allow me to better allocate my resources towards suggestions that go hand in hand with what he’s currently doing, rather than taking a shot in the dark on a suggestion that’s still months away from implementation.

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if you’re actually serious about leaving then why don’t you anonymize your account


oops wrong emoji


He said that he might go back on that, and he doesn’t want to lose the account in case he changes his mind.

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