Breaking glass to distract zombies

So if houses will have windows in unturned 2, then we can use stones or flares to throw to break glass, to distract zombies with the noise it makes in a city.


Throwing a rock or flare should attract zombies regardless of whether or not they hit a window, so zombies being attracted to windows breaking seems redundant.

I don’t really think throwing a rock will make enough noise to distract much zombies.

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I don’t think breaking a window will make enough noise to distract much zombies.

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It will do more. :thinking:

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How loud do you think windows are? Some break rather quietly to be honest.

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UltimateCatTree is an experienced cat burglar confirmed.


Seriously though, it will be just an addition to the game. Some windows break quietly but in the game, i would think breaking a window with a stone should make the as much noise as flare does. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just have the glass break on impact with any projectile above a certain mass.

Problem solved.


This is actually a feature in many other games.

Breaking windows are very loud, far louder than just throwing a rock at a normal surface.

Source: I witnessed the 2011 Vancouver riots

Breaking windows doesn’t have to be loud.

Source: I’ve witnessed windows being broken, because the keys were locked inside the house/car.

If you’re throwing cinder blocks or trash cans around, it would be strong enough to break a window, but would make a lot of racket.

If you’re using an actual melee weapon, hitting a window doesn’t have to make any more noise than regular melee attacks.

We’re referring to smashing a window with a thrown rock. It doesn’t get much louder than hearing the entire window shatter and the shards fall to the ground.

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It could definitely get a whole hell of a lot louder than that. The guns, explosives, tank, jet, helicopter, train, and car crashes constantly going on in Unturned would be absolutely deafening compared to the sound of “an entire window” shattering (wording which seems impressive until you realize that the entirety of a window may only be centimeters in length and width, and is almost certainly only millimeters thick, if even that.)
If you would allow me, I’d like to ask some questions about your shattering accounts of the Vancouver Riots.

Were you during these riots, in a calm, collected state of mind, or were you in some way caught up in the stress, drama, danger, or emotion of the moment?

Had you ever previously been near an area where hearing protection is required?

Were there any other noises near you that you were actually able to compare to the shattering window?

Well, of course guns, explosives, and vehicles should be far louder. I never questioned that. However, smashing a window as a distraction for zombies should certainly be a thing.

Also, I think your questions might be better suited to a PM.

You know, hardware stores and such sell these little things called glass cutters. You make a few scoring marks and you can quietly knock out part of a window.

Also, on a different subject: One way bulletproof glass. Bullets still damage it by a small amount, but you can shoot through from one side, but not the other. Yes, this exists.

Well that’s not made of glass

This remenber a thing…
A giant sound can also break windows!

Not quite. More important than the sound level (we’ll say 105 decibels minimum, so basically a jet taking off 1000 ft away (probably a bit closer than 1000 ft)) is that the pitch must match the glass’s resonant frequency exactly. It also really helps if there’s microscopic defects in the glass for the cracks to form from during vibration.


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