Animated Backgrounds

So I was listeing to the Germany Trailer music, and came across an idea when watching it. As the video progressed, the background was showing pictures of the map. As seen here:

My idea is that as you load into the map, instead of still pictures, it shows previews of the map slowly changing to another picture of the map. I’m open to hear your thoughts and opinions Down below


This sounds like a good idea.

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Hopefully loading times in Unturned II will be short enough that this won’t be an important feature.

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Even if Loading time’s in Unturned ll are shortened, its still cool to see something else then a still picture


To me personally, music can be annoying in the loading screen, so if thats ever an idea I would like a mute button

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tl;dr: slideshow instead of still images in loading screens

Honestly, why not. It could be toggleable though, in case some people for some reason like it the old way, or if for some reason the images continually loading worsens their performance.


I was not thinking of adding music, i just used the video to show an example of how image changing would work. Although, Music during the Loading screen would be nice, i would agree that it will get pretty annoying.

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it just a slideshow, cant worsens their performance, if a slideshow ruins the performance of your computer, imagine playing the game itself.

like in gta sa: in modern pcs it may load fast, but it stills has loading screen with changing background

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