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Hey guys! Just wanted to make people aware of some information posted in Unturned Official while he was socializing for the anniversary.

Anniversary 2019


Anniversary Gift Bags are dropping, friends! Go get your party hats.

Unturned II Access

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This is the mid-July update Nelson was talking about in the last Devlog, and is the Release Override “Beta Testing” Package mentioned on the roadmap Trello for game access. The cap likely won’t be made public.

I’m assuming that the cap may be lowered as the game becomes more developed, and that a reasonable assumption may be that it could be 2,400 hours to start with, although it could be higher or lower than that.


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So people who already have the demo version can still play the July update?

If you already have access then you should still have access.

Until Devlog #024, the game has been distributed via a CD Key Package. This is just another type of distribution package, and in this case players will be able to play based on their playtime in U3.

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Horde mode or bust


vegamite mode.


And it’s also my birthday. c:
Best birthday ever!!


oh my I hope I have enough hours

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OWO I cant wait

I’m about 20 hours short of 1,000 so I’m hoping its a bit lower but at least things are seemingly moving along well.

i have 666 hours :grimacing:

@MoltonMontro So this method of distributing keys serves to include people who do not have the demo yet?

I hope he releases it on a Saturday. Its the only day i am not working :*(

From what I know, yes. It gives more of the public access but its based on how much you put into the game from what I know.

I hope 3500 makes the cut >x<

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