Vegemite mode

When you hear Vegemite what do you think of? Australians? Vegemite? Sandwiches? Wrong, wrong and wrong! The first thought that should pop to mind is “Unturned II Vegemite mode”. For any of you who are not familiar with Vegemite mode I will explain it here:

Vegemite Mode is an Unturned II mode planned by me and inspired by the following reply

(The original topic was named " Anniversary comments" by MoltonMontro)

You wake up, and can see nothing but endless darkness. The strong almost overwhelming scent of a chicken broth smelling spread overwhelms you at first. You wait as you have no idea how you got there or what you can do to get out. By this point, your nose has become desensitised to the smell and you begin to traverse the sticky ground. The shriek of a hungry, huge and overly aggressive Australian results in the ground you are stood on to shake and you tremble in fear. As you do so you take a huge handful of this black goop and almost instinctively (after a fair bit of hesitation and worry) eat it. Every cell in your body gleefully shakes and you gobble down this goopy mess until you hear… “What’s for brekkie” as yet again the ground shakes. You put two and two together and get four and realise you are trapped in the one and only Yarrrr’s cupboard inside a pot of Vegemite and have no way to get out. You hear a hand firmly grasp onto the kitchen cupboards handle and begin to quiver knowing that this could quite possibly be your last day. “Here…” you hear him mutter under his breath as the tub you are in shakes and you slide left to right. BANG You are no on his table and a absolute overwhelming feeling of anxiety covers every inch of your body. “I cannnnttt… doooo… thiiissss…” you murmur. But it’s not use with knife in hand, toast ready and lid almost opened, Yarrrs getting fed and your the food.

You, being a very small version of yourself have to somehow attempt to escape yarrs vegemite pot. You are about 1cm tall and 25 mm wide and only have a carrot, a lumberjack top and bottom and a television remote. So you better get creative. You have 300 seconds before yarrrrs toast pops up to set up some way of escaping the vegemite pot and every step you take plops you just a tiny bit deeper into the vegemite. Every item you have can be deconstructed into many different pieces and there are multiple ways to win.

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Bout’ to go Vegamite Mode.


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