Any Difference between 3.2 and 4 gb Ram?


Ok, I had an HDD with 32 bits OS and 5400 Rpm.

But i’ve got a new HDD with 7200 rpm and 500 gb and i formatted it to an 64 bits OS (finally) but i just have 4 Gb ram DDR2 and i had 3.20 gb ram when i was on 32 bit OS but,

is there a good difference between those 32 bits,5400 rpm,3.20 gb ram And 64 bits 7200 rpm,4 gb ram?

I still haven’t noticed differences yet.

My pc:

-OS:Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits
-Motherboard: Asrock G31m-S
-Cpu:Intel pentium E5300 Dual-Core 2.60 ghz(overclocked to 2.74)
-Gpu:NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS
-Monitor:Acer AL1716 (1280x1024@75Hz)
-Ram: DDR2 two slots 2 gb each stick
*at 421MHz (5-5-5-14)

everything from above its discontinued :confused:

I wish i could buy a better pc,but for me its impossible,i live in Venezuela and here its so hard just being alive…

thanks in advance.


I have no idea.


thanks,that was so useful xD


The most important thing that no one gets right is that RAM won’t make you have higher fps. Neither using an higher RPM HDD or an SSD. I’ll explain to you what to expect in each:

  • RAM is very fast but volatile memory. Its use is to store what your PC needs to use right away. In the case of games, stuff that needs to be loaded and rendered right now. Loading screens exist because the game loads the main assets that it will use into RAM. If your RAM is too small, it won’t load enough stuff and the game may suffer heavy performance drops and stuttering as it has to clear the RAM from what it doesn’t need, and load what it needs, and play around this way each time there’s something that didn’t fit or that it removed but it’s needed again. Even graphics cards have a RAM, specialized for graphics calculations, called vRAM (videoRAM). A solid amount of ram and vram are needed for ultra high resolution textures and very detailed models. Half Life 2 for example has very light assets, so it can go fine with less than 1gb of free RAM. Fallout 4 easily eats 5gb of your free RAM at all times, so one may want 8gb minimum mounted to give enough room for the OS and background processes to work.

  • disk speed affects directly loading speeds, cutting down loading times significantly on a SSD. Transition to RAM is much faster, and games that use very heavy resources on high settings may cause stuttering if the disk speed is not enough. 5400rpm is the standard, 7200rpm are “gaming HDDs”, SSDs are the best but the priciest compared to disk size. Bad GPUs don’t really take advantage of a very speedy disk.

PCs get the best from a balanced build, “Bottlenecks” are created when a component isn’t up to par to the rest and doesn’t make the other components run at their peak performance. For example, a CPU bottleneck is when a CPU is too slow to allow the data to travel fast enough for the GPU to reach its peak, causing it to work slower than what it could do.


I was in your shoes once,upgrading from a…quite bad pc,to a …well…better pc.__.

I have almost exactly the same ram setup as you curently and I can assure you that you made a very good choice upgrading your ram and windows.Before the upgrade,on my system,I played,let’s say War Thunder at about 50fps at low settings.After the upgrade I played with 60+ fps most of the time at medium-high settings.Ram is not the most important compoment for games,but it makes a difference.

I know,I’m not really answering to your question,but this is something I thought you would like to know.
Take care and merry christmas.:grin:


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hmm, thanks for that explicative explanation now i feel better informed about Ram and GPUs,but what about my question? i mean,for example:

-3.20 Gb Ram = 11 seconds on a loading screen or 2 pc freezes each X time
-4 Gb Ram = 9.5 seconds on a loading screen or 1 pc freeze each X time

But again thanks for the answer

PD:Hablas español verdad?


ehm,did you read what i wrote almost at the end? above “thanks in advance”

anyways,Merry Christmas :santa::v:



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Yeah,I know the feeling,here in Greece the situation is not much better.:disappointed:


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I mean, to be fair, your computer build is so bad I wouldn’t even worry about it. It’s sorta laugh-able how you overclocked your 45 nm lithography 10-year-old CPU

meanwhile we’re in 2018, about to go to 10 nm.

(edit: read through the comments. rip. suppose you cant do much about it)


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