April Fool's Idea

For April Fool’s, Nelson should change all map’s to a stock map with a bunch of fire giant’s. That way, player’s can burn in hell on April Fool’s. An update announcement should also say that all map’s are being overhaulled to it to symbolise the death of 3.0 for Unturned II (aka as a joke).

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3.0 will not be dead anytime soon, UII and U3.0 are different games entirely


And they call me a psycho


You realise it will be another 11 months till its April Fools again?

Plus, 3.0 will never die.


For April fool’s, there should be an update that deleted the game itself.


Obviously it won’t die.

That’s where the fool part come’s in. The player’s who are just… Fool’s would believe it, that’s how we fool em’.

That’s kinda not funny

3.0 is already pretty dead, sure it has a community, but most of that community will leave with Unturned II’s release, I know Nelson has said he wants the two games to co-exist, but that’s just not possible.

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An April Fools update for UII should be making Carpat the only playable map.


April Fools should be forcing players to play 1.0 but its night time all the time.
Cos you can’t see shit at night at 1.0

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Lol. that’s all I can say. Just lol, ALSO, GOOD IDEA!

They should bring back the good sportshot :c


ikr, they really should bring that back.

bruh you sound like now homeless carpat npcs

unturned but the only weapons are flashlights and paintball guns

military painball gun

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