Arizona map

I liked the arizona map that was added in unturned 2.2.4. I wish it was added back into the game.


It was never actually added/playable.*


i literally played it what are you talking about

The only maps in that version of Unturned is PEI and the Arena (and the Tutorial, if you include that). The 2.2.4 patch were bugfixes. 2.2.5 was the Black Box update, and the last update to that iteration of the game.

Arizona was never added to Unturned. It was scrapped when U3 became a thing.


The map was never released to the public like Molton said. It looks like you’re just looking for attention

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the files were unused but you could load the map through unity

Cynical Paladin saves the forums with this one simple trick

lol, it wasn’t added because it’s bad or something like that, or very glitchy (maybe).

[removed video link because I don’t know forum policy on releasing datamining tools]

he might not be wrong, actually, if this video means what I think it means
if one of the 2.0 level# files is Arizona, you could potentially use this to basically rip the whole map and “play” it in Unity

will try it and see what happens

edit: first try, tried it on the Arena map
it’ll get you somewhere, though it looks like the level# file for Arizona isn’t in the 2.2.5 files

edit 2: yeah Arizona isn’t in the 2.2.5 version, but I can get into any of the levels already in the game

edit 3: it’s also a bit funky when it comes to the other maps, like here’s PEI

edit 4: we’re getting somewhere

last edit: this is as good as i can get, some of the terrain textures aren’t working as intended so I had to manually paint some (like grass, roads, trails, etc)

in the end, centerman123456 probably is either hallucinating or went through the effort to extract and fix up any surviving Arizona assets in Unity (which, no offense, doesn’t seem like something they’d do)


For those curious to know what the map looked like and what happened to it:


we need dev stream now to prove it exists

looking through SteamDB and datamines from archived versions that another forum user uploaded both don’t show any evidence so far of Arizona being actually in the game as a level# file, only as surviving models and textures that Nelson didn’t remove before releasing the builds

I went back as far as beta 160, the earliest archived version I’ve been able to find:

as expected, no luck in finding any Arizona files other than the ones we know exist, as you saw in my post Oyamat linked

if you have the files for the Arizona you played we’d love to see them, because at this rate I’m willing to bet you’ve either somehow Mandela Effected yourself into believing you played Arizona or you’re just looking for attention, as Paladin said

(if this is a jape, no big deal, I got a new toy to play with out of it so /shrug)


Wait there was an Arizona map?

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yep, up until Nelson canned it because WarZ announced their own Arizona map at the same time:


Oyamat linked a thread of mine higher up that shows what little remains of it in 2.0’s files


fuck WarZ nobody’s playing it

nelson should continue development

besides its an actual map besides curated
not that curated is bad i just wish we had a new official map


Here’s the thing. Would you rather:
A. Have Nelson divert his attention from UII’s development to recreate a map from 6 years ago, OR
B. Have a few groups of competent modders continue making maps for 3.X while Nelson continues work on UII.


idk man

i just wish we had more Official Maps that stayed forever like Russia or Germany but by community members so all nelson has to do is add them to the game

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What you’re describing is just the Curated Map process. Community members making maps so all Nelson has to do is add them to the game

Edit: the reason maps don’t stay forever nowadays is because the more assets you add, the longer it takes for the game to load those assets. That’s why most curated maps are optional now, so if you want to just play Washington you can unsubscribe from the maps you don’t play instead of having them stuck in your game files.




I make curated maps, that’s why I’m right smile

If you’re passionate about something, go make it yourself. All of the tools are available to you, it’s just whether you want it enough.