Armaros Interview

Today I interviewed Armaros and this is what he had to say.

I’m sorry about my mic in this video, I have no idea why there is so much bass at times.

But with that being said, I hope you enjoy the interview and mediocre gameplay.

There is a special meme at the end of the video if you missed it


Pork kidnapped me and forced me to be interviewed against my will. I have reasonable suspicion to believe he’s targeting Great Hero J next.


What a weeb.

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Russian Spetnaz interviewing manga weeb circa 2019

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Arma has a soothing voice that sounds somewhat like either college literature professor or mental therapist, or one of those guys that are paid to read audiobooks.


Good that I have no chance of being targeted haha.

Because you would never find me.

dew I smell :green_circle::sweat_drops:

Why would Rain know what ball sweat smells like?


Because he (presumably) has balls.

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Well I don’t know about everyone else here but I’ve never bent over to smell my crotch after doing things outside.

Let’s not get too into the what ifs.

Working on releasing the lemonaid.

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Working on releasing the aliens. :alien:

Thank you for the sea meat and lemon water


holy mackerel
look at that trade

Helloe am not scammer pls giv entire backpack I am Steam Admin need to check for duplicated items am totally legit.


I nearly got scammed for my account by a person who had stolen a friends account.

Once I realised I proceeded to block the account then check in a couple months later to see if the guy was back.

Is it better to buy tf2 keys or csgo keys. I want to sell some skins and I’m starting with unturned. I have $4.20 in my steam wallet.



Seriously though, in my 4 years or so of profiteering, I have only bought a key once, and it was from CS:GO.

If you’re looking to make a buck, do so either by mastering the art of trading up, or by buying and selling items directly. Keys are often a bad choice for buying with the intention of profiteering due to their slim profit margins, though they are often used as trade currency so it’s not uncommon to receive or use it in a trade.

That being said, to address your original question, I’m not the type of guy to unbox things, so I don’t know concretely, but in my experience all games are the same in that it’s not really worth it to buy a key.

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