Armor working in a different way

In Unturned currently, armor is kinda simple. It just reduces damage, and maybe that can be kept along with this new idea that I have.

Basically, you can have armor that instead of reducing damage, it completely blocks damage, but also has its own HP. Basically, above your HP, you would see the health of your “helmet” and your “vest” or “body armor”.

Wearing a helmet would maybe reduce vision, and a vest would reduce speed.

Wearing these would essentially give you more health. A standard player has 100 HP, but wearing a vest and helmet, they would effectively have, say, 30, at the cost of having worse vision and movement. However, getting hit in unprotected areas would effect your actual hp. So if you wearing a helmet, but not a vest/body armor, getting hit in the torso would still damage you.


BrainOut and Running With Rifles use this system. It’s pretty straightforward and effective, but doesn’t allow for very much variation.

What about all armor having the health ability (to a reasonable amount [so it can survive a couple pvp fights] and maybe when it runs out it doesn’t break?) but, they let varying amounts of damage through like:
Civ armor: block 15% damage, 75hp
Police armor: block 35-40% damage, 80hp
Military armor: block 50-60% damage, 90hp
Heavy Insurgent: block 75% damage, 95hp

Maybe when they reach 0hp the reduce like:
Civ 5%
Po 7%
Mil 11%
HI 13%

You should be able to repair them. IDK how they should be though.

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I dont like the idea of a shoot of colt pierce my military vest. And in my opnion this is a effective way to resolve “spawn kill” or “spawn attack” because the guy with good armor dont go receive damage turning the game more PVE than PVP just because the peoples go farm to have the capacity to go to pvp.

That would be the opposite of making pvp fairer, the geared player would just go to towns and murder everyone way easier

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I think my idea is pretty fair…idk. But @zero that would make PvP more relevant because if they attack you first, there is no way to defend yourself.

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