Attempt at a UII Sedan: Volkswagen Passat

Thanks to craven and his post for the idea, assets, and all that good stuff.

I may have stuck too closely to the original hatchback’s design, but I quite like it. I’m not sure if I’ll still be in the modding community when UII rolls out, but the modelling side for it definitely looks like fun thus far!

More people trying out this stuff would be cool, at least just for fun

Oh feedback is also welcome and all that good stuff.


Looks great, but like you said it looks too much like the original hatchback crossed with the passat. My recommendations:

  1. Make this rear window segment smaller.
  2. Make the front end more accurate to IRL. The 2020 Passat doesn’t have that second row of headlights, so I don’t think the model should have them as well.

Looking forward to seeing more!


I should’ve mentioned I was looking at our IRL 2014 Passat, whoops. Even then, I made the border around the second set thicker for no real reason but to make the bottom look less bland, I wanted to keep the front thick to keep a little of the cute factor in, and I thought it’d be a good enough trade-off. I might look into changing it as you suggested though.

Honestly I was scared that I made it too thin, specially towards the base part of it, I’ll give it a shot see how it turns out

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

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Minor changes to the overall shape, moved the seats and fixed a couple of broken faces.

More and far more interesting stuff soon to come!


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