Attempt at a UII Vehicle: Chevy Colorado

I’ve been wanting to make some models of a few vehicles for UII so I started out with a Colorado. There are still a few issues I haven’t fixed yet like the front of the truck but I’ve got a majority of the detail I originally wanted in it. This was actually the first vehicle I’ve ever made so I expected it to be much worse.

Since car documentation is almost non-existent at this point, I used the Hatchback as a base for the truck and tore it apart to get what I needed. Ignoring the exhaust pipe and the odd slope of the front, I feel like I managed to remove most signs of my starting point. The cab of the truck came from splitting the hatchback in half, moving the top section a little farther forward, and extending the rear to fit seats in.

I also turned the hatchback into a stretch limo before I started work on the truck.


I feel like it should be lifted up a bit more, but other than that it looks really nice


This is perhaps the first UII vehicle model attempt I’ve ever seen that actually looks like it belongs in UII, maybe even officially.

Nice work!


I think the windshield extends a bit too far up past the height of the windows.


Definitely does, I’m trying to fix a few of those issues right now. So far this morning I’ve lifted it up a little and did a slight rework of the front.


I’m trying to get into modeling but the only thing I have on my computer is autodesk 123d design which is pretty shitty for modeling overall.
I’d like to see that limo in game as a mod :eyes:


I’m using Blender for this and it works well for what I’m trying to do. Nelson is trying to use Autodesk Maya for some of the stuff in UII instead of Blender though if I remember right.


I didn’t think of blender. I’ll install that right now and see how it works and stuff.
I have a friend who makes extremely detailed models, so I might ask him
His twitter is @Steam_Developer, check him out

Update: our school computers suck so much that it’s still at 0%


Version 2, with a few improvements to the front and a slight increase in ground clearance.


Nice Unturned II stylized car.

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GM Truck

Undercarriage and frame not completely covered in rust


Ours is an 05 and still has original brakes if I remember right. No issues other than temperamental air conditioning but at least there’s no rust The 89 S10 we have doesn’t really have rust on it either. Brand loyalty is a force that eliminates all our rust problems.


I have a '72 Olds Cutlass supreme convertible sitting in my garage as a project car, and although it’s 99% rust, it refuses to die. Forget if it’s the 400 or 455 but a cylinder is cracked and I’m gonna try and swap it with an undamaged 455. GM isn’t bad and I like to meme on them, but it seems all their good brands got cut a long time ago (Pontiac, Saturn) in way of cheap volume cars. They definitely don’t make them like they did and although I wouldn’t be opposed to buying a new GM, I’d almost never buy a used one.

Edit: pic of rustbucket supreme


That’s a beautiful car


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its very good

I feel like you put no effort into that comment but thank you. It was my first and there are sure to be more in the near future. Coronavirus pretty much destroyed my schedule so I’ve got loads of free time to work on my smaller projects.

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I know that these are not really UII style, but just some low poly cars, but I still wanted to share them


Though I actually wanted to make something to really fit in the UII style, like the one you did, which honestly fits just perfectly (I’m not really fan of the rounded taillights tho) :joy: